Google Maps API

Google API Offering Deeper Integration For Developers

Google on Friday announced a newly expand version of its Google Maps API which allows developers to more deeply integrate their products with the search giants mapping service. Two years ago Google announced the Styled Maps option which allowed developers to change the visuals of an API-called map. Styled Maps allows users to match the visuals of a map to a developers website or mobile app.

According to the Google Geo Developers blog the further customization will include a new Styled Maps Wizard that strengthens the API’s capabilities.

Google says the new feature allows for individual aspects of a maps style to be changed with adjustments in hue, saturation, lightness and gamma based on very precise color values.

Developers are also now able to outline strokes of features each of which can be stylized separately from interior fill while the width of lines can also be altered for desired results.

You can examine the current stylized versions of the Google Maps API on TeleGeography’sSubmarine Cable Map and the New York Times feature which is used for tracking taxi flow throughout New York City.

With Apple recently pulling Google Maps from iOS 6 in favor of Apple’s own newly announced mapping software Google has pushed hard to secure its dominate role in the mapping industry. Along with enhanced mapping API options Google is now making available offline mapping for Google Android devices and the expansion of its user-editable Map Maker feature.

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