Eivin Kilcher of 'Alaska: The Last Frontier'

Eivin Kilcher of ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Featured In Subaru Commercial [Video]

Eivin Kilcher is showing America that he is more than just a reality star on Alaska: The Last Frontier. Eivin completed a commercial recently and fans are seemingly impressed to see it. Subaru brought Eivin in to do the commercial since he has owned one of their vehicles for a while now and is a big fan. The Kilcher Cam Fans Facebook page made sure to share a clip of commercial for everyone’s enjoyment. A lot of fans noticed the commercial on television, but some missed it and others wanted the chance to see it again.

In the comments, fans keep talking about how well Eivin Kilcher performed in the commercial. Many had never seen the commercial and were really glad to see it shared with everyone. There is even talk that Eivin should consider doing more commercials in the future if it works out for him.

This commercial with Eivin Kilcher starts out with him driving down the road and it explains that Eivin has owned a Subaru since 1999. It is obvious Eivin is a fan since he’s had the same type of car for so long. In the commercial, Eivin is talking about how he loves sharing nature with his son and finding places that are totally untouched. Eivin wants to teach his son how to leave these areas as untouched as possible while still enjoying them. Eivin wants natural things to be passed down to America’s next generation and he says America’s land is a legacy.

How does a Subaru fit into this Eivin Kilcher commercial? At the end of the commercial, they explain the details.

“Subaru is working toward a sustainable future for national parks with its Subaru Zero-Landfill Initiative.”

You never know if Eivin Kilcher will decide to do more work in commercials, but so far his fans can’t get enough. Eivin is proving to everyone that even though he is on reality television, there are also other things he can do in the industry.

Eivin Kilcher is doing great in life right now with reality television and along with his family. Back in September, People shared the news that Eivin and his wife Eve had just had their daughter Sparrow Rose. They also have a son Findley at home. Eivin shared that even during pregnancy his wife didn’t slow down and did a great job of still working hard. They asked fans to donate to Homer Wilderness Leaders, a non-profit close to their hearts and home in Homer instead of sending gifts. Eivin also talked about what it was like raising children out on the homestead.

“You just have to watch kids on farms. There’s a tractor he loves to play on — you look the other way and he climbs on a tractor that’s 200-times his size.

“But we also let him fall down so he’s not coddled and learns for himself so when the time comes that we can’t be there, he’s that much better. We’re definitely not helicopter parents.”

Eilvin and Eve had their two young children closer together than planned, but it worked out for them. The couple is doing a great job as parents and viewers love watching how they are raising their children on the homestead.

What do you think of Eivin Kilcher of Alaska: The Last Frontier doing a new commercial for Subaru? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of Alaska: The Last Frontier when it airs on Sunday nights on Discovery.

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