Channing Tatum Nearly Pulls Bruce Dern’s Arm Out Of Its Socket During Script Read

Channing Tatum certainly isn’t known for his tact or subtlety. If there was any doubt at all, that doubt was washed away when Channing Tatum revealed how he got his role in The Hateful Eight. Cinema Blend reports that Tatum resorted to threats to secure the role.

“I basically sent about an email a day for about a month just threatening any other actors that might be up for the role. I was just praying that no one really tough was up for the role.”

Yes, Channing Tatum basically harassed Quentin Tarantino for a month, which obviously worked! Entertainment Weekly reports that Tatum appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night, and he talked about the first time he went to a table read with the cast of the movie.

“I saw Sam [L. Jackson] when we came to the table read, and he gives me a big hug and he’s like, ‘Welcome to the family.’ And that made me feel good, but then everyone else started coming in that are like these amazing heavy-hitters. I start getting terrified.”

Then Channing Tatum revealed that he nearly injured Bruce Dern badly during the read.

“I have a scene with Bruce Dern and so one of our first things is, you know, I have to shake his hand, and I make this really dumb, over-zealous decision and I pull him in real close. And I almost pull Bruce Dern out of his chair, and he’s like, ‘You jerk! You almost pulled my arm outta the socket.’ “

Channing Tatum was mortified.

“Oh my god… I just almost killed one of the best actors of our time.”

Apparently, Dern was quite gracious about the whole thing and even took Tatum under his wing as the filming progressed. Check out the interview.

Not only did Channing Tatum reveal his first-day-on-the-job jitters with Fallon, he also played one of Fallon’s crazy games. Vanity Fair reports that Tatum had fun playing Egg Russian Roulette, and got to smash raw eggs on Fallon’s head.

Take a look.

Channing Tatum will also get to participate in what originated as a Jimmy Fallon game, but that is now its own show. The Wrap reports that Tatum will appear on Lip Sync Battle along with his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, when the show returns to TV in January. Check out the show’s promo.

It appears there is some Frozen involved for Channing Tatum.

It sounds as if Channing Tatum has everything under control in his professional life. Meanwhile, with Christmas over but the holiday season still in full swing, E! Online reveals that Tatum’s daughter has an odd Christmas wish list.

Although Channing Tatum’s daughter, Everly, is a mere toddler, he told Live! With Kelly and Michael that his little one definitely understands the presents part of the holiday.

“She gets the presents part! She keeps looking at the tree because she knows that stuff is supposed to be under there. But she doesn’t understand that she’s not allowed to open them yet. So when we put something under there, she’s just like, ‘Present!’ “

Channing Tatum revealed that Everly is peculiar for her age because she wants all things Frozen and purple turtles.

“You know, probably Frozen stuff. She loves turtles. Purple turtles! I don’t know why!”

Fans have been flocking to see Tatum in his new movie, which came out on December 25. Here is the trailer.

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