Rihanna's songwriter speaks out about "Anti"'s continued delay.

Rihanna’s Songwriter, Glass John, Says Travis Scott Is To Blame For ‘Anti’ Album’s Delay

Rihanna may be keeping mum regarding news of her eighth studio album, Anti, but it appears that one of Rihanna’s songwriters is now speaking out about the reason for the album’s continued delay.

On Saturday, songwriter Glass John took to his personal Twitter account to rant about the delayed release of Rihanna’s Anti album. John, who Rihanna personally credited on Instagram as having written her impending track, “Kiss It Better,” took to the social media site to dish on the status of Rihanna’s Anti while simultaneously blaming Rihanna’s rumored beau, Travis Scott, as the reason for Anti‘s continued delay.

In his Twitter rant, Glass John explains that Rihanna’s new album should have already been released in addition to several new singles before proceeding to explain how Travis Scott’s influence on the album has heavily contributed to the delay in putting out the record, Love B. Scott reports.

Rihanna's songwriter, Glass John, blames Travis Scott for "Anti"'s continued delay.
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John took to Twitter to explain that he has been trying to get Rihanna’s new track, “Kiss It Better,” on the radio as a new single, but explains that Travis Scott “has been delaying” the release of the song.

John, who is also close friends with Chris Brown, goes on to insinuate that he has a romantic relationship with Rihanna before telling followers, “why do you think all the songs me and @ChrisBrown do are about Rihanna.”

Later in his rant, Glass John explains that Travis Scott made Rihanna release her previous single, “B**** Better Have My Money,” seeing as he served as a producer on the track, before implying that Scott has been “planting stories in the media to portray yourself as my wife’s man… I’m furious.”

Rihanna’s songwriter then goes on to allege that Anti was initially supposed to drop on his birthday, November 6, before being pushed back to a Christmas Day release.

“Then it was supposed to drop on chrismas [sic] … But travis keeps putting doubt in her mind,” Glass John explains, seemingly confirming reports from earlier this week that suggested Anti would drop on December 25 as a surprise for eager fans.

“Travis Scott keeps telling my wife she needs to make an all trap hood ghetto album … And Roc nation keeps listening to Travis because they think he is a genius … I DON’T F***ING SEE IT THO,” John continues before threatening to leak the demo of the track “out of respect for the fact that it’s the best song [Rihanna] has ever done in her life.”

In order to combat speculation that John’s Twitter account was hacked during his eyebrow-raising rant, Glass John then took to Instagram to share a snippet of the song while later admitting that both Rihanna and Jay Z called him for a “conference call” regarding his threats to leak the album.

While fans continue to ask the songwriter for clarification regarding a variety of rumors surrounding not only Rihanna and Travis Scott’s rumored romance, but Rihanna’s former relationship with Chris Brown as well, John maintains that he isn’t lashing out at Rihanna and rather wants to protect her from Scott’s influence.

Rihanna's songwriter for "Anti" says Travis Scott is delaying her album.
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“think about it…if the only thing I cared about was being on Her album and getting paid, I wouldn’t say anything…I care more about Her,” Glass John insists.

While Rihanna has yet to speak out against the claims, Glass John reveals to his followers, “that’s the thing about the truth is…Even if you don’t believe it, it’s still true..(Shrug)..”

Travis Scott seemingly responded to John’s claims with a new Instagram photo with the caption, “Waiting on the bacon,” the Shade Room reports.

Currently, no official release date has been set for Rihanna’s highly anticipated Anti album, although Rihanna will embark on her “Anti World Tour” at the end of February.

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