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Pelosi-Boehner Picture Goes Viral After Supreme Court Ruling [Photo]

Pelosi-Boehner Reaction To Supreme Court Decision

A humorous picture of Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner has gone viral after the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to uphold President Obama’s health care law.

The picture, which was actually taken on Wednesday, seems to be a telling reaction to how Thursday’s ruling went, with the Republican House Speaker about to cry and Democratic House Minority Leader celebrating, according to the Huffington Post.

Business Insider reports that the picture was taken by AP’s Pablo Martinez Monsivals, and “pretty much sums up what the two party leaders must be feeling right now.”

The Huffington Post reports that the picture began making the rounds on Twitter after the Supreme Court upheld most of the “Obamacare” bill. Pelosi was reportedly elated, tweeting “Victory for the American people!” and also calling Ted Kennedy’s widow, saying “Now, Teddy can rest.”

CBS News reports that Boehner was less than impressed, telling members that the Republicans are now even more resolved to repeal the health care law completely, moving to replace the bill step by step with health care reforms. Leaders encouraged members to not criticize the Supreme Court for their decision.

The Huffington Post asked readers to place a caption on the picture. One user, “TheMuckraker,” responded with:

“Nancy: ‘Is he crying yet? Let me know when he starts. Not yet? Is he? Almost? OK, let me know… cause y’know I dont think he’s wearin’ his big boy pants today…..yet?'”

User “blinddogroofer1974,” however, was less than thrilled, responding:

“I’ve always thought it particularly classless to take a bad photo of someone and pass it around. I think our leaders are a better reflection of us than we’d like, even the leaders we don’t like.”

What do you think of the Pelosi-Boehner picture that, for some, perfectly describes their reactions to the Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday?

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24 Responses to “Pelosi-Boehner Picture Goes Viral After Supreme Court Ruling [Photo]”

  1. Anonymous


  2. Adela Wagner

    Parents of special needs children need to look at the Flex Spend account tax in the bill, then tell me how much you love ObamaTAX. 35% of the taxes in the bill will effect families earning UNDER 250,000 dollars. We all just became part of the 1% in Obama's eyes. Go look up the 20 new taxes included in the bill, use any search engine.

  3. Tina Slutzky

    Looks like sour grapes to me. Bohner cry baby! Put your big boy pants on and suck it up. YOU LOST!

  4. Larry Rialubin

    Ive seen that look before on a lot of everyday people's face; that's the look of stock options and stock value loss;.
    he and little eric man must be so sad that their "blind trusts" which are almost exclusively oil or insurance company.
    are going south instead of north. but really if we want to end this mediical farce business; all we have to do is implement a law in every state; and at federal and city level, that no seated politician or past politicans get one penny of insurance benefits until we as a nation can figure out how to give it fairly to all. but right now every politician at every level is being insured and we are paying the premium. lets put us all in the same box and we can find a common answer. but it is the height of ridicule for the politicans to be health cared for while they play games with american lives. shame on congress; we as a nation can solved problems; not continue to create new ones.

  5. Anonymous

    Ted cannot rest because his guilt and pathetic way of living will always keep him burning- the murderer! Pelosi, please off yourself you nut!

  6. Anonymous

    Ha ha Boehner looks like the Grinch there, about to cry again poor baby, must have had waaaaaay too much sensitivity training in his life, poor guys heart bleeds for the mega wealthy.

  7. Jeff Leeper

    I bet Harry Reid was smiling with his $1.7 million private interest payday.

  8. Jeff Leeper

    40% tax on insurance premiums. Unfortunately, I am subject to that year 1.

  9. Adela Wagner

    Jeff, there are loads of people who will do everything they can to replace this OBAMATAX with something that will not kill small business, will not raise taxes, will not impose the largest TAX in the history of this country. We must vote and vote smartly, use your internet (while we still can) to make sure you look up who is running in your district, and in your state. This way, even if The KING gets re-elected he will not have a majority in the House or the Senate. It was done in the House in 2010, this year we can do both if not all 3. People also need to realize, small business will be better off under this bill if they get rid of full-time employees and make everyone part-time. How wonderful is that?

  10. Lisa Edward

    If ObamaTAXcare so GREAT HOW COME THE MEMBER of CONGGRES N Everybody obamaTAX cronies like PIglosi crooks cronies ARE NOT Enforcement in to it, like the rest of us Poor sucker? That's DISCRIMINATION!

  11. Lisa Edward

    THATS FAKE PHOTO ..OBAMATAX ROB MIDDLE CLASS ObamaTAXcare BASE on 100% Purely FRAUD and Romneycare MA told people the true , He sold told to american peoples BASIC ON FRAUD ..FRAUD ….AND he will COVER FIRST LIES WITH OTHER LIES MANY LIES AS TAKE.. Anybody believe this HC will be cheap as their head as ass ..ObamaTAXcare Rob middle class TAX TO Feed bottom feeder.

  12. Anonymous

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  13. Anonymous



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  14. Marty Albertsen Zielke

    Well, you better buy yourself several packages of Pampers……..because you will be whining and crying like a baby when the current socialist in chief loses his job.

  15. Kevin Smith

    Melinda..You are correct…the American People lost.

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