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Britney Spears Braless in London (PHOTOS)

britney spears braless

Britney Spears is winding up her ‘Circus’ concert series in London and had some time yesterday to get out and about and do a little shopping, braless.

In the photo above, Britney Spears is seen leaving a Knightsbridge (London) restaurant to begin walking across the street to do some shopping at the Gap.

Now, it’s been a while since I hung out in the ladies lingerie section of a clothing store, but I do know that the Gap has a good selection of bras, and Brit could certainly use one, judging by those raging nip-ons.

Britney Spears Braless in London Photo

britney spears braless london

32C maybe?

[Photo: Celebuzz]

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6 Responses to “Britney Spears Braless in London (PHOTOS)”

  1. karen

    she could also stand (and afford) to wear sterling or real gold so she doesn't get that crazy case of the hives there!

  2. Anonymous

    Are we so much in the gutter, that the first thing we see is her nips?? For real Guys Whether she has a bra on or not, so what??

    if she wants to show off, or relax, what is such a big deal about her nips anyway??

    seen one set seen em all.

  3. j

    I’m thinkin it was a little colder than 32c…………oh you weren’t talking about the temperature, nevermind

  4. John Kuzmeski

    Mary D.R

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