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Bangladesh Floods, Landslides Leave 100 Dead, 250,000 Stranded

bangladesh-floods-2012 landslides-leave-100-dead-250000-stranded

Days of intense monsoon rains in Bangladesh, some of the heaviest in years, have set off a series flash floods and landslides, killing at least 100 people and stranding nearly 250,000, police and officials said on Wednesday.

Reuters writes that the landslides occurred mainly in remote villages with poor roads, making rescue efforts by Army, police and fire brigade personnel more difficult.

“We’ve recovered 95 bodies so far, and the death toll may go up as many people, as claimed by the relatives, are still missing,” Divisional Commissioner of Chittagong Mohammad Serajul Huq Khan said.

Khan, who serves as the administrative chief of all districts in Chittagong region, said that even with the multitude of obstructions caused by the floods rescuers from the army, police and fire services are assisting in the operations, which were taking place in many of the affected areas.

“Most of the people died in landslides, while drowning and lightning were the other causes of death,” Khan said. “So far, 22 bodies have been recovered in Chittagong, 37 in Cox’s Bazar and 33 in Bandarban.”

In addition to the fatalities caused by the floods and landslides, disaster control officials said about 150,000 people had been marooned by the floods in the southeast while 50,000 were stranded in Sylhet.

About 50,000 were reported stranded in their flooded homes in the northern districts of Gaibandha and Kurigram.

“We’re marooned even in the city…. Most of the roads are under water, and in some places, it is waist-deep,” said Abdul Momen, a businessman in Chittagong.

According to the Washington Post, Bangladeshi officials fear the number of dead could rise well beyond 100 and that the downpour could persist until the end of the week.

The following video by a Bengali news station depicts the severe flooding, which has consumed much of southeastern Bangladesh.

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3 Responses to “Bangladesh Floods, Landslides Leave 100 Dead, 250,000 Stranded”

  1. John Paily

    World is threatened by increasing fire, flash flood, flash snows, earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. Earth and all the ecological systems in it are going fragile. The forest fire in Colorado, Mexico, Australia, now in India this year calls for attention, because of its intensity and magnitude. The loss of vital greenery could only would augment other forces like wind, water, earth leading to huge cyclones, flash floods and earth quakes. It is time the world to awaken to the criticality of Global Warming. Read this simple article to know the truth to where the world is tending and how simple knowledge can save humanity. This simple fact was communicated to most world leaders and news media. but they have overlooked it. It is time at least now the media should look into it and awaken the world to the simple realities of nature and its functioning

  2. John Paily

    Critical thinking on Global Warming.
    that Needs attention.
    Global warming we witness today could be directly linked to heat and energy cycle of nature in which we live. [Note -Noble Laureate James Lovelock has expressed this thinking]. If you stand back to observe nature, we note that earth and its movements are designed to maintain certain temperature or heat. When west awakes to sunlight and heat it actually unwinds and goes into apparent disorder, simultaneously the east sleeps to darkness, winds and goes into new order. When light peaks in the west, it gives way to darkness and simultaneously the opposite phenomenon occurs in the east. This manifests as the principle of energy cycle [day and night] in which we all live. The transition form day to night is smooth and takes place in many small quantum jumps. Observe a ticking clock to perceive this thought. A secondary energy cycle with higher peaks exists in nature. We observe this as climatic cycle. The transition from day into night and summer into rainy is critical periods of the energy cycle. A warming takes place all these transitions. The present euphorbia on warming could be related an all time peak related with universal energy cycle. This could be understood from taking the universal time direction. Nature has an over all time direction to an increasing disorder or order. Very clearly we are fast approaching the peak of disorder. With reckless release of heat into the environment and our intrusion into the night cycle when earth creates order, we are unilaterally shearing the environment of earth and thus all the ecological systems in it. All the ecological systems are now turning unstable. The instability of human mind at individual and collective levels could be related to it. The increased heat is causing huge fire and wind bound disasters. The earth that opposes this heat force is increasingly winding abruptly creating huge flash floods, earth quakes. Eventually this would end in huge volcanic eruptions. Volcanic eruptions are known to cool earth’s environment. What is happening is simple. Earth not only has dual or parallel world design of west and east, but has multiple world design that gives stability in space and helps smooth transition of climate or energy cycle. In other words earth has several grid points through which the smooth transition of climate change occurs. When we unilaterally heat up the environment, we in fact are dissolving the multiple worlds and thus the grid points. In short we are hastening the change and adding power to it, causing abrupt peaks and falls in the two forces; the unwinding and winding. Change is inevitable, but truth and knowledge can facilitate smooth change.
    What is happening to Earth? Must see Video -Viral It.

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