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Shocking Video Emerges Of Muslim Attack On Christians At 2012 Dearborn Festival


A truly shocking video was released yesterday, Tuesday, June 26, 2012, of a Muslim crowd attacking a group of Christians at this month’s Dearborn, Michigan Arab Festival. The 22 minute video depicts a throng of over 150 hostile Muslims throwing eggs, rocks, bottles, milk crates, stools and other objects at a small group of Christians who attended the festival to share their faith. The Christian group made no attempt to preach or hand out literature. They simply stood silently with their signs as they were struck with one thrown object after the other. Many in the crowd shouted, “Allahu Akbar” as they pelted the Christians mercilessly.

The video begins with a short speech by President Obama at a campaign rally in Dearborn on April 28, 2012. In this speech, Obama told the predominately Muslim crowd that, “When you decided to support a candidate named Barack Hussein Obama, you know the odds were not exactly in your favor.” While Obama’s words were not the direct cause of any violence, critics feel he may have helped create an atmosphere of “Us against them.”

After the short clip of the Obama campaign speech, we are treated to 10 minutes of non-stop hostility and violence towards the Christians. The crowd made no attempt to hide the fact that they were Muslims and they were quite vocal in their contempt for Christianity. The video concludes with 10 minutes of the Dearborn police blaming the Christian group for the entire situation as angry Muslims continue to shout insults and curses in the background.

What makes this video all the more stunning is that many of the most aggressive offenders were teenagers. The youngest members of the crowd were happily shouting one obscene invective after the other. They virtually dared the cameraman to film them as they threw objects at their victims. The belligerence, religious hostility and lack of supervision of these children was remarkable; even for this day and age, when we see footage of kids on a school bus bringing a middle aged woman to tears wth their insults.

The adults in the attacking crowd were equally angry and even more threatening. They openly encouraged the youngsters in their behavior and voiced their own desires to physically harm the Christians for their religious beliefs. They made no effort to conceal their identity as they shouted, “Lets fu*k them up” and “”Lets kick their a*s” directly into the camera. Not once did they show the the slightest concern for any police presence as they hurled their missles at the heads of the Christians. They didn’t worry in the least that they were committing what might be considered a hate crime under Federal law.

For their part, the police did absolutely nothing to protect the Christians or to stop the violence. The only attempt the police made to intervene was to tell the Christians not to use a bullhorn or they would be issued a citation. Then they ordered the Christian group to leave or be arrested.

Dearborn Deputy Police Chief Dennis Richardson accused the Christian group of “enraging the crowd” and he told the Christians they would be charged with disorderly conduct if they didn’t leave the festival. Deputy Police Chief Mike Jaafar told the Christian group that they “were a danger to public safety” and that they needed to leave immediately because “your conduct is such that your are causing a disturbance.” Dearborn police refused to assign two officers to protect the Christians and permit them to continue to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights of assembly and free speech.

The violent opposition to any Christian presence at the Dearborn Arab Festival is nothing new. Last year the matter resulted in a major lawsuit after Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad refused to allow George Saieg of Anaheim, California to freely walk the sidewalks at the festival and barred him from handing out Christian literature. Saieg sued and the city of Dearborn was ordered to pay $100,000 for violating his First amendment rights.

Much can be made of this video. Conservative groups are up in arms over what just occured in Dearborn. There are demands for a Federal investigation into this incident. The Dearborn Police have remained tactfully silent and the local Muslim community is standing by their opinion that the Christians were only there to provoke an incident. After watching this video, legitimate questions must be raised about the possibility of a hate crime having been committed against the Christian group.

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39 Responses to “Shocking Video Emerges Of Muslim Attack On Christians At 2012 Dearborn Festival”

  1. Aaron Paolilli

    This is what we get for voting muslims into power, especially your favorite Barack Hussein Obama. I suggest that next year we Christians show up to that festival ARMED TO THE TEETH. The muslims want a fight, lets give them a fight. People if we do not get Obama out of power, there will be a revolt, bloodshed will ensue. VOTE Ron Paul!

  2. Wolff Bachner

    As the author of the article I would answer you by saying that arriving armed to the teeth is not the answer. The answer, whenever you object to events in this country, is to first become informed and learn all you can about the truth of the situation. Then write your elected officials and tell them what you think as a voter,. If your elected officials are not acting in your best interest then support candidates who are and work hard to get them elected. that is how our republic functions under the rule of law. I would also suggest that the Christians who were attacked in the video would be THE LAST PEOPLE to advocate for a violent response.

    I received a very angry personal email after i wrote this article asking me how i could defend these Christians when they were obviously being so provocative, Rather than give an explanation based on the ideals of our nation, i told the person the following: I don't like it when Jehovah's witnesses come to my door and wake me up early on a Saturday morning to try to convince me to accept their beliefs. But i don't throw rocks and bottles at them or curse at them or make threats to harm them. I simply say "No thank you" and close the door. The people who attacked the Christians in the video were not willing to simply walk away. they made a deliberate and conscious decision to engage in a hate crime. one that should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  3. Anonymous

    Wolff Bachner Agreed, The principle difference between the Bible and the Quran, is the love expressed by our Creator in the Bible, contrasting the cold impersonal, yet merciful God of the Quran. We do far more in advancing the kingdom reflecting this love, as God's children, than any "arming to the teeth", unless that arming is scripture, coming off your tongue.

  4. Russ Souders

    The Dearborn Police are an embarrassment to this Country. What ever happened “To Serve and Protect”……Maybe I need to bring a Company of Army Retired Veterans to the next festival and practice our first amendment rights…….What permits do I need?

  5. Korie Gagnon

    Aaron that's the most idiotic arrogant racist thing your no better then this few people who did that with thoughts like that…. I don't see you attacking christains when christain kids shot up they own schools or when a Catholic man went and shot a bunch of omish 5 year old …..hatred begets hatred be a bigger person then that

  6. Gina Arrowood Heaton

    And the WBC can say and do the things they do but Christians can't stand in silence without being attacked by muslims? They need to GO back to their own country and see how much they like it.

  7. Steve Cross

    Looks like the issue was that this police department, for whatever reason, was ill-prepared to handle this kind of confrontation at the time it was occurring and it became easier to remove a handful of peaceful demonstrators than an angry mob of hundreds. Kind of a no-win situation for the officers on the scene. They should have had more officers there to protect the demonstrators and left their lawyer at home. Instead, they'll probably be losing a lawsuit in the near future…

  8. Shaheen Mohammadipour

    I'm part of your family and I am a Muslim. I am sad to see that you wrote this. President Obama is not a Muslim, was born in this country; but it is a sad reality when people cannot just let it go already. Furthermore, I am not lining up to fight Christians, Catholics or anyone Jewish. I was born in this country and my blood is red, white and blue but in the end we all bleed red. Having said that, read more about the culture and the history of the entire conflict going back hundreds of years. The one thing history teaches us is that we do not learn from history.

  9. James Paolilli

    Aaron i have been wanting to do it for years!!!! its time to put a end to goverment and what they think and how they have been to the people.. what they have served us is a living hell and prosecution of the people for years, i would join that fight quick… but cant blame all the muslims thats for sure, we have idiot catholics and christians with crazy puratanical belief! fight any one who is evil period

  10. James Paolilli

    wolf you are an idiot, fuck the political shit and fuck you and your bullshit!! armed to the teeth for sure and shut these punks down! oh yes lets pay 50% to the gov when we die!! you fucking idiot

  11. Tom Bell

    I don't think this was reported on ABC, CBS or NBC. Could this be coming to a neighborhood near you? There is pressure from some of our leadership to give up our guns. If we do, I think this is a great example of how our police can be over run by an angry mob who respect only brute force.

  12. Aaron Paolilli

    For your information Shaheen, obama's faith is in fact Islamic, do some research. Wolf, Diplomacy has failed us all, it is time to stand up, and take action. Korie, I am angry not only because of the unrighteous action's of the Arabic mob. I am also angry because of the men in uniforms and badges who failed to defend the the rights of these men, who only wish to share their beliefs in a peaceful manner. However you are right, it is not OK that these Christians, and Catholics did this, although this is not the same event, and I am wrong to hate against all Muslims for this occurrence and I do apologize for putting all of you in the same boat, but on the other hand, I don't not see the Muslim community standing up against the actions of they're brethren followers. I stand firm on my belief that when Diplomacy fails, violence and bloodshed is the only answer. Love me or Hate me, this is the way I feel!

  13. James Paolilli

    Aaron what u are saying has a lot of truth, most muslim people are good people just given a bad rap by our goverment! they are the haters for sure, they are all about violence and punitive..Its just like the poor pitbulls, given a serious bad name by our goverment! If you hate any one group hate our scumbag goverment!!!!! they make me fucking ill. in most societies its not the people its the goverments, and any one of these buffoons beleive in political rightiousness is completely Whacked…you have no worries this goverment and all goverment will fail.. this world is mad whacked!!! i am angry also, and politics has not worked and never has it worked! and yes blood shed is the answer to the? .. there will be a time and place and man will dictate when not goverment.. i cant wait Aaron i hope to see it befote i am to old.

  14. Anonymous

    This is shocking! I'm wondering if there's any information or links where there was a muslim presence in a christian march and if so what was the outcome. Thanks.

  15. Anonymous

    The video shown above is cut and edited from over an HOUR of footage. The real story is that the Christians showed up with their signs, yes, but also with megaphones and chanted, yelled, and jeered at the crowd saying that they would go to hell, insulting their beliefs, and trying to get them to react. Here is the full video, filmed BY the Christians
    Never trust a news outlet in America to tell the whole story, they always have an angle, biases, and assumptions.
    I'm American, I'm Christian, and I do not approve of this kind of behavior or this kind of reporting.

  16. Anonymous

    This is a very bias article, and it is well understood where you stand when it comes to the issue of muslims. These peaceful missionaries, if you would go watch the other video footage that was cut out, you would see that they are shouting insulting slogans against Islam. These are not missionaries, because if they were what is the point of the pig's head? These are people trying to intimidate this largely concentrated muslim city. For the author, I would really have to say that you are not informative but more as antimuslim. Good writers always get both sides of the story, I suggest you should start doing that more often, you probably will be better off.

  17. Anonymous

    I bet you love to hear negative stories on Islam, to fil your islamophobic head!

  18. Anonymous

    I am pretty sure, it would have been worst. They would be attacked and get kicked out, and easily labeled as terrorists.

  19. Anonymous

    Wolff Bachner If someone came to your door insulting your religion, it would have been something else. They did not come to preach about Christianity, they came to insult muslims and the religion of Islam. The pigs head on a stick explains a lot.

  20. Christi Hiatt

    Dearborn's muslim-led police are at it again! They were found to be at fault in their response to last year's similar events, and were ordered by a federal court to pay 100,000 dollars for their actions against a Christian. This year I believe they need to be fired and prosecuted in Federal court-muslim and non-muslim policemen alike. I suppose the muslim community in this country finds the actions of these "officers" wonderfully non-intrusive, though few may admit it. I find the inaction of these police against the real hate-criminals disgusting, un-American, and unconscionable. I hope and trust that the federal government will act, as the local authorities have no interest in upholding American laws, nor in seeking actual justice! And yes, if so-called Christians had behaved this way, I would be asking for their prosecution also. It's not about religion-it's about the LAW in THIS LAND! DISGUSTING!

  21. Pj Neeley

    This is indeed one sided. As an atheist, I am not a fan of either religion represented in this video. The so called peaceful missionaries were anything but. They were shouting insults from a bullhorn, calling the teenagers, worms, dogs, dirtbags, etc before they started getting things thrown at them. They clearly want to provoke a response and they got what they wanted. What they fail to understand, or maybe because they understand it all to well, is that when you constantly antagonize a group you breed an angry response, you breed extremists. These are people who are going to start to view all Christians as if they were members of this little antagonist group.

    The violence is not really excusable, but to portray one side as some sort of innocent, silent group just trying to spread the gospel is an outright lie. They showed up with a bullhorn to shout insults and a pigs head on a stick. That is offensive to both Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and even some groups of Christians. It was intentional. They got what they wanted so there is no truth in them pretending to be innocent.

  22. Pj Neeley

    So, there is no responsibility at all on the group who showed up with hateful signs, shouted messages of hate to a group of teenagers via a megaphone, and had a pigs head on a stick? While the violence is not excused by this, to present one side as completely innocent is an outright lie. You are adding to the atmosphere of fear and hate. We have too many believers in this nation who really are just looking for an excuse to show up armed and start killing one another. As an atheist, I really wish these violence and vile religions would just fade into history already. Nothing like watching groups who worship the same exact god (The god of Abraham) threaten one another and start killing each other over petty nonsense.

  23. Pj Neeley

    Aaron Paolilli Obama is not a Muslim. He is a Christian. This idea is false and accepted by the sheeple who just want a reason to hate. Your talk of showing up armed to such events shows where you stand. You probably think this is a Christian nation as well and that god is mentioned in the Constitution. Complete rubbish.

  24. Pj Neeley

    It is clearly visible in this video. The video shared here is an edited version meant to make the Christian group look innocent. There is another one that shows them yelling via microphone at the group of kids, calling them dirtbags, worms, dogs, etc.

    Now, show me evidence that Obama has said he was a Muslim. No such evidence exists outside of lies from the tea party and paranoid individuals.

  25. Aaron Paolilli

    By the way pj these men were practicing our First Right . The Arabs went too far, and the sad part is, that's all they know how to do. They do not know what self control is, and they must think that the laws don't apply to them. These men never acted in a physical manner, and to get kicked out for nothing but practicing your First Right is Bull Shit! You can say all you want, acting on it is different!

  26. Pj Neeley

    If you look at the picture at the top of the article you can actually see the pigs head. I know it is small but it is there. basically in the middle.

  27. Pj Neeley

    Either your replies are not showing up (I did get a notification) or you deleted it. I provided what you asked for. I would appreciate you doing the same. I'd love to see some unedited footage or documented claim from Obama that he is a Muslim. So far all claims to that have been proven false. Even his father wound up becoming an Atheist later in life so the idea that he was following him would be odd as his father renounced the faith….and that can be very dangerous.

  28. David Dudum

    This video is a farce on so many levels! First of all, most of the Arabs in Dearborn, about 70% of them, are Christian. Since 9/11/2001, hicks from outside of Dearborn always show up to the Arab Film Festival and argue religion, hold up hate-filled signs, look for fights, ect. This year a group of these "Christians" tossed a pigs head at a woman in a hijab. These "Christians" only started doing this after the terror attacks of 9/11. This isn't about religion at all- its about hicks thinking that they're harassing Muslims when they are usually harassing Arab Christians- not that anyone should have to deal with these thugs who flood upon Dearborn for the festival every year. Imagine if Arab Americans went to a Jewish festival and started fights or tossed a pigs head at the crowd.

  29. Johnny Ward

    The Background Obama Can't Cover Up!

    Islam, part of the Living River of History, can affect even the 2012 US election!

    The "headwaters" of this River was Adam, according to Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc.

    In the OT (Deut. 28), "tributaries" wanting to join the River will be blessed while "distributaries" who want to flow away from it will be cursed. Those wishing to totally separate from the fresh Living River will end up as polluted, dying "oxbow lakes."

    In the OT we see Israelites repeatedly flowing away from God, then repenting and returning to Him; we also see heathen "oxbow lakes" creating their own "gods" and being allowed by God to plunder and kill the erring Israelites.

    Then, at the right time, the Living River took on new life with the arrival of the Promised One who offers "living water."

    In the 7th century Islam, drawing from both OT and NT, chose to be a distributary away from this River. Many scholars have viewed it as the final Antichrist: note "scourge" (Isa. 28), "Assyrian" (Mic. 5), "Euphrates" (Rev. 9) etc.

    God will allow this "scourge" to temporarily persecute and even kill apostate Jews (JINOs) and Christians (CINOs). Jews, especially in "entertainment," seem more expert in apostasy than Christians since Jews have been at it 2000 years longer than Christians have – but Christians apparently want to catch up to the Jews!

    It's apparent that others will join Islam in its end-time inquisition; its great oil wealth can captivate many leaders and already we are seeing apostate American leaders being bribed into turning against true American patriots.

    Those who ignore (or try to dilute or destroy) the God-ordained Living River of History will be swept down it to an ocean made by their own never-ending tears of agony and despair.

    The good news is that American JINOs & CINOs can overcome the "scourge" discussed above. The secret is found by checking out "II Chronicles 7:14" & "John 3:16" on the web.

    And there's still time – and freedom – before the 2012 "End of America" election to Google or MSN "Obama Promotes Public Sex," "Obama a Black-Slavery Avenger?," "Pretrib Rapture Politics," "Mikey Weinstein, Jesus-Basher" and "Christ's return is NOT imminent."

    In light of Matthew 7:2, if we tolerate Christian leaders who lie to us and steal from us, we shouldn't be surprised if God allows us to have political leaders who lie to us and steal from us!

    A Kansas Patriot (who won FIRST PLACE over 2200 entrants in a nationwide Americanism essay contest).

  30. Jeanne Stewart

    Oh brother…All the people throwing things at people should have been arrested what's up with this?

  31. Sule Hopkins

    Korie Gagnon dont be foolish anyone who says they are a christian and shoots up a school clearly is not a christian, moron

  32. Sule Hopkins

    Shaheen Mohammadipour your an idiot, obama is a muslim, it doesnt matter what he says, hes been lieing since weve first heard of him, that fake birth certificate that he came up with AFTER he got elected is supposed to prove he was born here?, if anything it just proves how corrupt the govt here is, just a reflection of its people though, you think its ok for muslims to kill people and throw rocks at christians for protesting then you are ignorant childish and wrong, trust me the muslim people will get what they deserve eventually, and i pray that god has mercy on you people i really do