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Science Girl Ad Is Condescending, Says Everyone [Video]

science girl ad

In an effort to get more girls interested in science the European Commission decided to start the “Science: It’s A Girl Thing!” campaign. It was a noble goal with very poor execution. The Science girl ad has been criticized by several female scientists and bloggers who say that the ad is condescending to women and promotes modeling more than it does science.

The video shows several perky young girls walking into a lab filled with male scientists. The lab then transforms into a runway and the girls dance around as images of molecules, lipstick, petri dishes, and nail polish flash on the screen.

The LA Times reports that the “i” in “science” in the video is even swapped out with a tube of lipstick.

Geologist and blogger Sharon Hill wrote on Twitter:

“It’s as if Disney channel male execs do ‘science Barbie.’ Terrible.”

Astronomer Dr. Meghan Gray posted her own video in response to the science girl ad. Dr. Gray said that she was “disappointed that this video was thought to be appropriate.”

Ben Goldacre, author of the Guardian’s “Bad Science” column, wrote: “The EU have funded a campaign to make women in science wear shorter skirts.”

A Youtube user writes: “How condescending this is, not only to the female scientists but also to science itself if people really believe that this ‘fashionized’ video is in any way representative for what is going on in research labs.”

According to the Mashable, the European Commission pulled the ad a few days after it was released. Several Youtube users have already uploaded new copies, however, so it doesn’t look like the science girl ad is going to die anytime soon.

Here’s the “Science: It’s A Girl Thing” video.

What do you think of the science girl ad? Is it condescending to women?

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8 Responses to “Science Girl Ad Is Condescending, Says Everyone [Video]”

  1. Suzanne Bowen

    Who is "Everyone" who feels this video is condescending? If it helps even one more girl to consider science as a career, that's cool with me. I will never forget one year when I asked a rural 8th grade middle school classroom of kids what careers they were interested in. The majority of the girls said one of the following: "be a pediatrician because I love children" or "get a Sugar Daddy."

  2. Carol Jedimom Gilbert

    I can see the point. They are trying to attract tweens and teens who are attracted to girly things. It may be condescending, but the audience they are trying to reach is just that. Its a GIRL thing they say, not a woman thing.

  3. Thomas Boussum

    Sign me up for Science. I have some "biology" experiments that I would like to do and I REALLY could use a lab partner. Teehehehe.

  4. Crystal Farmer

    Science is inherently NOT a girl thing. Even if you push girls into it as a young age, most will not go into math or science. Women are more drawn to teaching, psychology…the arts. Why try to have girls like science? Most girls plain just don't like it. I have a Master's in math, but it was never encouraged, it was just something I was good at. I wish every country would stop pushing and let girls just do what they're good at rather than the government telling them what they should be good at (sounds like government is giving parenting advice, huh?).

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