Justin Bieber leaves fans in tears

Justin Bieber Leaves Fans In Tears

Justin Bieber has the same effect the late Elvis Presley had on women in his day, but with the internet at his fingertips, the outcry is immeasurable. Fans left their schoolyards immediately when school let out on Wednesday afternoon in Dublin, Ireland, with the hopes of getting to the booth in order to score tickets to his two upcoming shows. The hysteria was incredible when the ticket office opened.

The Irish Times reported that the rain was lashing out at Bieber’s fans throughout the evening. A relentless downpour drenched the first 100 or so fans gathering for tickets outside of Thurles Shopping Centre. The shop didn’t open until 9 a.m., but the fans didn’t care. Determined to wait out the weather for her chance to see the teen idol live, one girl happily declared that three of her friends shared an umbrella with her, stating it was well worth the wait.

Some girls will do anything to prove to Justin Bieber that they are true Beliebers. Justin’s last album, Purpose, was a No. 1 hit in over 100 countries. The United States was no exception.

The teens’ chances of getting tickets to see Justin Bieber were slim to none, and sold out within 8 short minutes, according to the Independent. The fans fortunate enough to reserve their tickets were exhausted and speechless, hardly able to believe their luck, regardless of waiting for so long. Parents camped out with their daughters to ensure safety while others enabled their children to hang in the lines by doing food runs, giving them money, or standing in their place while they took short breaks.

Justin’s committed fans were even willing to miss out on education for this once in a lifetime experience. One girl states, “We had exams… It’s OK to miss those,” joking around. She explained her parents were extremely supportive by ensuring she had all the warmth and food necessary to finish out the test of commitment of being a Belieber, waiting for over 36 hours.

One girl claimed to have been a Justin Bieber fan since she was 7-years-old, which probably seems like forever ago. But she says she has no choice because “he’s perfect.” She was the first to get her tickets, and after she received them, she gathered a cheer from the crowd behind her, stating she’s “never been so happy” in all her life. Her friends immediately threw their arms about her neck and pulled her in for a warm hug through tears of joy. The effects of Justin glowed, once again.

One father was grateful his daughter wanted to see Justin so badly. He commented on how waiting with her friends in the rain for hours on end would give her a clear indication of what it’s like to be homeless. Then he added how great the spirits of the four teens are in supporting each other. He reveled in the excitement, declaring it is all due to the energy sparked by Bieber, and then admitted he loves him, too.

Justin Bieber has sold out 64 dates in North America. In 2016, Bieber will spread his award-winning talent across 36 dates while touring Europe. His tour will include France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Scandinavia, Spain, and the U.K., to name a few.

Others tried desperately to get in on the Justin Bieber fever by offering their tickets ahead of time for $403 to $818, but others were wisely instructed to steer clear of these “deals,” which were more than likely scams.

Justin Bieber’s songs have words about broken hearts that stand true whether left without money or at the ticket stand with money in your hand. Justin Bieber tends to leave everyone in tears, teens and parents alike — unbelieberble!

[Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images]