Roar with "Vanderpump Rules."

Stassi Schroeder & Scheana Marie Dish ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ From Kristen Doute To ‘Black Sheep’ Lala & James

Vanderpump Rules is pumping up with intrigue in the newest season. And when it comes to controversial stars, Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Marie Shay caught the attention of Jackie Schimmel, host of popular LA podcast The Bitch Bible. In an exclusive interview with the Inquisitr, Jackie shared all the inside scoops on what the two Vanderpump Rules stars told her during recent interviews.

When it comes to what Stassi had to say about rekindling her relationship with Kristen Doute and her views on Jax, Jackie shared that she’s noticed a sincere desire on the part of the Vanderpump Rules reality TV star to reconcile.

“Stassi explained that Kristen was continuously so apologetic about what happened between her and Jax and was always making a real effort to rekindle their friendship. Stassi also explained that there is a very kind nurturing side to Kristen that isn’t often seen on the show that she missed. Stassi seems pretty ambivalent towards Jax but did allude they had some unfinished business,” revealed Jackie.

Stassi Schroeder gets sassy about "Vanderpump Rules."
Stassi Schroeder gets sassy about ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ [Image via Bravo]
And the conversation didn’t end with Vanderpump Rules. Dishing on the hottest celebrity trends, Stassi and Jackie also dished on Kylie Jenner, who has created controversies ranging from her never-available lip kit to posing in a wheelchair.

“Stassi and I share the unpopular opinion that many of her “scandals” aren’t a big deal but think the ultimate crime is that she is dating Tyga for obvious reasons. We both are victims to being unconsciously obsessed with everything she does but in the way that you slow down to see a car accident,” admitted Schimmel.

As for Taylor Swift and her famous girl squad, would the Vanderpump Rules star like to be a member?

“Absolutely not. Stassi and I discuss on her podcast “Straight up with Stassi” that we are not ready to walk the 1989 tour runway anytime soon. We kind of made the tough decision that Taylor is a bit too wholesome and it’s kind of only cool to be in Taylor’s squad, if you are Taylor,” mused Jackie.

As for Scheana Marie and her relationship with Shay, recent changes have improved both of their lives. The Vanderpump Rules personality confessed that she rarely viewed the season because it returned her to the past and unpleasant memories.

Scheana and Shay share a sweet kiss.
Scheana and Shay share a sweet kiss. [Image via Bravo]
“They just celebrated her husband being sober for one year and are looking forward to the season showcasing them in a much better place. Scheana says all is good in the Shay household now so there is no need to pack up the 4,000 wedding photo murals,” shared Schimmel.

As for the other Vanderpump Rules stars, get ready for uber-hot revelations. Scheana shared that she had a steamy makeout with Arianna and Lala while the guys were off in Las Vegas, resulting in major bonding. In addition, prepare yourself for Vanderpump Rules cast members to team up to reveal Jax and his “klepto tendencies.”

What about new Vanderpump Rules stars Lala Kent and James Kennedy? Jackie had some insights to offer there as well.

“From what I have heard, Lala Kent and James Kennedy are the black sheep of the group. James is the most disliked cast member and Lala is almost guilty by association. The ego, the way he talks to women, the faux music career, it’s all pretty cringey to viewers and fellow cast members alike,” admitted the Bitch Bible queen.

About The Bitch Bible, it’s an entertaining weekly podcast and blog, which Jackie Schimmel both writes and hosts, featuring everything from no-holds-barred interviews to dishing on relationships, pop culture, social boo-boos, and, of course, sex.

If you’re curious about the “black sheep” aspect of Lala Kent, the new Vanderpump Rules star recently visited Watch What Happens Live and let go with so many swear words that host Andy Cohen requested that she mind her manners, reported the Daily Dish.

It happened when Lala was playing “Who’s That Man Getting A Tan?” with sort-of guy pal James Kennedy. The Vanderpump Rules star then apologized on Twitter.

“I’m so sorry for my potty mouth @Andy. Thank you so much for having me. & thank u 2 my supporters. U keep me breathing. #iloveyou,” shared Lala.

James shared his own apology.

[Image via Bravo TV/Vanderpump Rules]