Jax Taylor of 'Vanderpump Rules'

Jax Taylor Opens Up His Own Restaurant, Plans To Steal Peter From Lisa

Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules has started a new venture and is actually opening up his own restaurant. Jax has spent a lot of time working at SUR and it sounds like he has learned a lot while he was there. Now Jax is ready to run his own restaurant, and Reality Tea was able to find out all of the details. Jax invested in the restaurant NOW Ventura and is ready to start making some money.

Jax Taylor actually spoke to Daily Dish and shared all of the details of his new business.

“It is an Italian restaurant/lounge. It kind of resembles PUMP, but it’s got some TVs, so it’s a sports bar as well. That’s going to take up a lot of my time. That’s a really big deal. It’s my first thing I’ve ever owned.”

Jax Taylor seems really happy about the venture. Jax said he learned it all from Lisa, Ken, and Guillermo and then put together some money with a friend of his that used to be a manager at PUMP, and they decided this was the right thing to do. Jax shared that he takes a lot of pride in this because it is something that is his.

So will Jax Taylor still be working at SUR and PUMP? It does sound that way because Jax shared that he takes pride in working there. Of course, his role on Vanderpump Rules has to be what is paying a lot of the bills so he will need to keep that going too for now.

Jax Taylor does have one big plan that Lisa Vanderpump probably won’t be happy about. He wants to steal Peter from her, because he knows how great Peter is at his job. Jax explained the details.

“He’s just got great work ethic. He’s very strong. He’s a good employee, good guy. Everyone loves Peter.”

Also, if things go as planned, Jax Taylor plans to turn his restaurant into a franchise. He wants to open up several different stores in other towns. For now, Jax is just working on his first business plan though, and hopefully he does a great job with it. So far he has to figure out a way to steal Peter away to help him out.

Now that Jax Taylor owns a business, and has a serious girlfriend, things are looking up for him. Brittany Cartwright has moved out to L.A. to be with him and the two seem very serious. It does look like Jax might finally be growing up and getting his act together. That is something that Lisa Vanderpump has to approve of, even though Jax didn’t come to her for advice on this new business venture.

Jax Taylor is right in the middle of all of the drama on Vanderpump Rules this season. Fashion & Style shared that Jax is promising big drama with James Kennedy this season and viewers have already seen some of it. Jax’s ex-girlfriend, Stassi, even spoke out and said she doesn’t condone the way that James Kennedy is acting on the show. It does look like things are going to come to a head between James and Jax at some point this season, and that is something that you do not want to miss happening.

Are you surprised to hear that Jax Taylor is opening his own restaurant? Do you feel like he made a big mistake by not getting help from Lisa Vanderpump? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss Jax in new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Mondays on Bravo.

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