Does Hillary Have Horns? Clinton Makes Bold Statement

Hillary Clinton opened the gates while in Omaha, Nebraska, by making a judgmental statement toward her supporters’ friends of the Republican persuasion.

“We’re not going to give up on [Republican friends], are we? We’re going to continue to reach out to them,” Clinton said, as if speaking in a support meeting of approximately 800 members. Clinton declares afterwards with a huge grin, “I don’t have horns!” She pauses for effect while her constituents cheer and clap before continuing with, “our economy does better when we have a Democrat in the White House,” according to ABC News.

Hillary Clinton may not have everyone’s vote on all the new changes she’s considering. One of those changes consists of tugging a teeny bit on the more affluent members of society by increasing taxes on the higher income bracket and going a step further than Obama proposed. Of course, his tactics failed. But with the renowned millionaire Warren Buffet on Clinton’s side as an avid supporter, there will be some who listen. After all, this is the country’s second wealthiest man, just after Bill Gates, who has not only earned his wealth, but scrupulously protects it. His worth is $62 billion as the chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway. – Forbes

Clinton supports the “Buffet rule” when it comes to affluent incomes and taxes, even though the increase would have a direct bearing on Buffet himself. Being one of the richest men in the United States doesn’t dissuade him from suggesting anyone making $1 million dollars or more of having a tax increase to 30%. When Warren Buffet talks, money conscious individuals listen, including Hillary, according to the Washington Times

Hillary bravely stands as the first potential female president with a strong posture and head held high declaring she intends on being president for “the struggling, the striving, and the successful.” This statement may come from the fact that the 400 wealthiest Americans are worth more than $50 billion from just a year ago, now worth $2.34 trillion. Of the wealthiest, 119 people fell from the graces of money, which doesn’t say much considering everyone else and the struggles “regular” Americans have. Most are trying to make ends meet, while some are working three jobs to keep their power on, their kids fed, and gasoline in their cars. Hillary Clinton seems to have a little more insight to these things than say Donald Trump, who coincidentally is still rich, despite 4 bankruptcies, and purchasing golf courses to erect a plaque commemorating a Civil War site that doesn’t actually exist, after chopping down 400 trees. He calls the “historical” find, interestingly enough, “The River of Blood,” the New York Times reports.

As she continues speaking, Hillary gets serious and says the reason she plans on going further than Obama with the tax increase is due to the ever widening gap between the classes of the rich growing wealthier while the middle class becomes poor and the poor become nonexistent. Clinton claims the wealth is increasing for the prosperous by the hand of the hard-working, middle class families, and younger people. In order for America to become prosperous again, “going and growing” something must change. Things do not change magically, and the scale needs to shift somewhere to have this happen. This adjustment is the obvious one.

Clinton, who will notify everyone of her tax plan next year, has given a hint toward her agenda by saying that the taxes on the middle class will not rise. Considering the wealthy are upheld by the “average working (wo)man,” it would appear as if Hillary is indeed up to making some positive modifications to our country as long as the actions follow the promises. These are words that Hillary Clinton may need the horns of a bull to pull off, but a statement people may be willing to gamble on.

[U.S. Department of State/ Wikimedia Commons]