Young Thug Annoyed That Watch Is Called Fake: You Won’t Believe What It Cost

With all the problems that plague Young Thug these days, from constant talk of his gender identification and sexual orientation to beefs with his ex-friends, a hugely popular tour in Europe, a new fiancé, and several felony charges pending, you’d think he would probably brush off a website devoted to busting celebrities with fake watches when they recently called him out.

[Image via Instagram]

The Instagram page for @fakewatchbusta that has indicated dozens of high-profile celebrity, including Mike WiLL Made It, Soulja Boy, and others, directed its ire to the controversial Atlanta rapper this Sunday, December 13, according to XXL.

Their initial post below, complete with a detailed description of why they believe Thug’s Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Michael Schumacher Platinum to be less than legitimate, was lengthy and descriptive. What is unclear is why this particular group of people is so concerned about the possibility of fake watches. A real Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Michael Schumacher Platinum is estimated to cost approximately $110,000 dollars.

“aka Young Thug with a fake Audermars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Michael Schumacher Platinum. The biggest give away here is the use of a 7750 Valjoux movement in the fake which makes for some spacing and depth problems around the date window. The in house movement from AP is modular which makes the date really deep and because of the custom size of the movement it gets that too close spacing towards the Tachymetre. You should see the pattern on the dial on the side of the date window. He is even missing a part of the crown, it should fill in the space perfectly between the pusher guards. There are other details that are off like the engraving of the plots and other small details like the font on the date wheel. The biggest give away is though the spacings a stock movement will give compared to an in house movement. BUSTED!”

[Imae via VladTV]

If you got lost in the descriptive values as to why his watch is perceived as imitation, don’t worry. It seems he did as well, since it took him a full 24 hours to respond. This is very unlike Young Thug, who is frequently on Instagram and quick to get involved in a verbal brawl with anyone, including the police, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Thug has indicated frequently that he does whatever is advantageous for the making of money, so perhaps he is annoyed that having a fake watch would tarnish his image. When he did respond, it was with lots of emojis and sarcasm as well as pictures of the watch, complete with cursing, as posted on his intagram account.

“Y’all need to call @ElliotAvianne this b***h cost me 110k

He then posted a video of the watch on his Instagram account, along with his devotion to the watch.

“ElliotAvianne is my love, and I got the ap [sic] plain from the prince of Dubai….

The fake watch buster team was quickly back on the case, responding again as to how the watch could not be legitimate. They also shared that Young Thug had blocked them. The following post was shared over three thousand times on Instagram.

“…blocked me on Instagram and posted the movement on the left on his Twitter to prove his watch from yesterday is genuine 🙈 As you can see the entire baseplate covering the in house movement from AP is non existent on his watch 😂 It’s just a completely different movement inside. BUSTED!”

Whether the watch was real or not, no further comments have been made. However, it’s probably safe to say you can stay tuned for the next Young Thug drama — they happen like clockwork.

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