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Brandi Glanville Denies Trying To Hook Up With James Kennedy, Says She Hasn’t Been To Any Of Lisa Vanderpump’s Businesses In Years

Did Brandi Glanville actually come on to James Kennedy and try to hook up with him one day at SUR after having one too many drinks? In an interview with the Daily Dish, posted on Wednesday, the Vanderpump Rules star claimed that he almost had a fling with Brandi.

James said that he and a “wasted” Brandi almost took it to the next level in the back of SUR. Unfortunately for James, it didn’t happen because his then-girlfriend, Kristen Doute, was right there. James added that Brandi kept telling him how handsome he is.

“I was about to but then Kristen was standing right there, so, I couldn’t. It was really annoying. [Brandi] kept saying how handsome I was.”

Brandi swiftly denied James’ claim. Brandi tweeted that she doesn’t even know James, and never kissed him. While James claims that Brandi was physically attracted to him, Brandi tweeted that she doesn’t go for guys who are shorter and weigh less than her. She added that she hasn’t been to any of Lisa Vanderpump’s businesses in years.

According to Kristen Doute, James is lying. Kristen tweeted that James is just seeking attention.

Brandi has been in some drama with a SUR employee before. Her ex-husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, had an affair with Scheana Marie, who now works at SUR and is one of James’ Vanderpump Rules co-stars, during their marriage. The Season 1 premiere episode showed Scheana having a one-on-one talk with Brandi over the affair. Scheana maintained that she didn’t know that Eddie was married when she dated him.

It was actually Brandi’s sit down with Scheana that led to the demise of Brandi’s friendship with Lisa. Brandi said that she agreed to film her talk with Scheana, despite being really uncomfortable over it, as a favor to Lisa in order to get Vanderpump Rules, which is produced by Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, off the ground. Brandi claims that after this initial talk, Lisa kept pushing Scheana in her face, in the hopes of getting a reaction out of her and thus more drama for her show. Since the friendship between Brandi and Lisa is completely over now, at least Brandi won’t have to worry about filming any more scenes for Vanderpump Rules.

James Kennedy may have more to worry about right now than Brandi Glanville’s anger. On Tuesday, Lisa Vanderpump, who is currently on vacation, tweeted that she’s not liking what she’s hearing about James and Lala Kent’s Watch What Happens Live appearance on Monday night. Lisa assured host Andy Cohen, who was visibly exasperated by James and Lala’s behavior on his talk show, that she will deal with James and Lala. James works as a server and DJ at Lisa’s SUR restaurant and lounge, while Lala is a hostess there.

James and Lala received a lot of public criticism over their appearance on Watch What Happens Live. On social media, people criticized them for being immature, angry, and defensive. The two in particular received criticism for all the swearing that they did on the live show, which caused much of their words to be bleeped out. “You’re killing me!” Andy yelled at one point.

In response to a viewer who asked who’s to blame for bringing Lala and James on the show, Andy said that he’s to blame.

Both James Kennedy and Lala Kent now seem to regret how they behaved on Andy’s talk show. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, both James and Lala tweeted an apology to Andy for all the swearing that they did. Lala added that she’s “beyond embarrassed” over how she came across, which she blamed on drinking too much and being nervous.

On Tuesday night, Lala posted a tweet that revealed just how devastated she is over her disastrous Watch What Happens Live appearance.

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