Bill Cosby Smiling

Bill Cosby Fights Back!

Bill Cosby, that beloved comedian who laughed his way into our hearts and took up residence there for decades, is finally addressing the dozens of accusations that he drugged and sexually assaulted women from the 1960s to present. Though Bill Cosby and his wife, Camille Cosby, have remained adamantly tight-lipped about the entire situation for the past year, they apparently have finally reached the limit on what they can take.

Bill Cosby has filed a suit against seven of the women who claim to have been a victim of his sexual misconduct. The lawsuit hinges on the fact that these women came forward with their allegations just before Cosby was to air a special he had recently filmed for Netflix. Due to their claims, the deal between Bill Cosby and Netflix fell through, and in November of 2014, the movie giant removed the Cosby special from airing. On the very next day, Bill Cosby learned that a new sitcom he was planning with NBC was scrapped, Deadline reports.

Seems a bit too coincidental, doesn’t it? In January of this year, actress Phylicia Rashad spoke up in defense of her TV husband from The Cosby Show, CNN reports.

“Well, my initial reaction to the allegations was, ‘Hmmm. Someone has a vested interest in preventing Mr. Cosby’s return to network television.’ This is about the obliteration of legacy.

“We are talking about a legacy that inspired a generation of young people to consider and pursue higher education. We’re talking about a legacy that introduced and portrayed American culture in its diversity. It’s difficult for me to watch this legacy be erased as if it never happened.”

It does seem sad that a man who spent his life bringing joy to other people should have the excellent reputation of his decades-long career ruined by claims that have not been substantiated. Bill Cosby has never been charged with a crime. In America, we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but it seems Mr. Cosby is not afforded that right. Keisha Knight Pulliam, who played Bill’s youngest daughter, Rudy, on The Cosby Show, feels the same way.

“I can only speak to the great man that I know and love, who has been so generous, who has been such a philanthropist and giving back millions of dollars to education and schools. And just the man I grew up knowing. It’s really not my place to speak on that. Unfortunately, in the court of public opinion, everyone has formed their opinion, but we’re still in America, and you’re innocent until proven guilty of any crimes.”

In fact, Bill Cosby has lost much more than two shows in the wake of the accusations. A related report by the Inquisitr notes that Cosby has most recently lost an honorary doctorate degree from Boston University. Many other universities, including Brown, Marquette, and Fordham universities, have taken away previously given degrees as Bill Cosby faces mounting allegations and stress. The man who once carried a perpetual smile on his face, which in turn brought happiness to so many, has now been reduced to a frowning, tense man who barely even resembles the hilarious Dr. Cliff Huxtable or the fun Jello spokesperson.

Now finally taking a stand in his own defense, Bill Cosby has filed a defamation lawsuit against seven of the women who have accused him of horrible crimes. Denial and silence have simply not been enough. Bill Cosby has been backed into a corner, and he’s come out fighting. Hopefully soon we will learn the truth, and this nightmare will go away.

Do you think Bill Cosby is guilty, of do you think there is a conspiracy to ruin his stellar reputation?

[Photo by Evan Vucci/Associated Press]