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Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins Trade Possible For Bulls?

Chicago Bulls trade rumors again include All-Star DeMarcus Cousins. These latest Bulls trade rumors indicate that the team is pursuing Cousins in a deal with the Sacramento Kings. A report from CBS Sports states that the Kings are holing out and that the Bulls could have a lot of competition in trying to acquire the power forward.

The Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, LA Lakers, and Boston Celtics have expressed a lot of interest in acquiring DeMarcus Cousins. With the way the Sacramento Kings have struggled to open the 2015-16 NBA season, this comes as no surprise. In the updated NBA standings, the Kings have the third worst record in the West at 9-15. It’s a familiar story for the franchise, as continued struggles over the past few seasons resulted in Cousins seeing his name in various trade rumors.

DeMarcus Cousins is having another really good season for the Sacramento Kings. He is averaging 25.2 points, 10.6 rebounds, and 2.9 assists per game. Cousins’ field goal percentage has dipped to just 42.1, but he has also been forced to take more shots for the team. It is that double-double he posts on a nightly basis that has drawn the interest of many teams across the NBA. Most of the interest seems to be coming from an improved Eastern Conference, though, with several teams trying to improve for a deep playoff run.

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In regard to the Chicago Bulls trade rumors, it could be rather difficult for the team to complete a deal with the Kings. It would likely have to involve Pau Gasol heading back to Sacramento, raising questions about how effective a deal like this would be in the short-term for either franchise. Players that have been rumored in these deals also include Taj Gibson and Bobby Portis, but it might be a stretch to state that the Kings would consider those good pieces to acquire. A reality is that the Kings might ask for Jimmy Butler, who the Bulls are unlikely to part with in any deal.

As for what the other teams might be able to offer, the Miami Heat could offer center Hassan Whiteside and various younger pieces. Whiteside was a second-round pick by the Sacramento Kings in the 2010 NBA Draft, but he only appeared in 19 games over two seasons. He wasn’t posting the numbers that he has with the Heat (12.1 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 4.0 blocks per game) this season. The Boston Celtics could offer several young players like Marcus Smart or Avery Bradley, but the most valuable trade chip that team possesses is a first round pick for the Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn has the fourth worst record in the NBA and will likely place high in the 2016 NBA Draft Lottery. It makes that first round pick, which belongs to the Boston Celtics, extremely valuable for another team. The Chicago Bulls don’t really have an asset that could match a top five selection in the 2016 NBA Draft. That could make it very difficult to convince the Kings to have serious negotiations about dealing Cousins before the trade deadline.

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The Bulls are currently boasting a team salary of about $89 million. That is far above the $70 million NBA salary cap, meaning any trading partner would have to match salaries in a deal. At 14-8, the team also has the second best record in the Eastern Conference, suggesting a trade that involves starters might not be the best move for the team to make this season. As these Chicago Bulls trade rumors make it seem like DeMarcus Cousins could be too expensive to acquire, the team might need to look at role players that other struggling teams (like the Detroit Pistons) make available.

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