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Crazed Fan Runs On Field At College World Series To Cop A Feel [PHOTO]

A fan runs on the field during the CWS

A crazed fan made her way onto the field during the final game of the College World Series and proceeded to cop a feel of two outfielders playing for the Arizona Wildcats.

Running onto the field during a very tight game, this crazy fan took full advantage of the situation as she scurried away while security guards trailed her in the background.

Making her rounds, she was able to snag quick squeezes on two different Arizona Wildcat outfielders as they were trying to preserve their 1-run lead over the defending champions, the South Carolina Gamecocks.

This handful of a woman was chased down by security guards and eventually detained, but not before a photographer was able to snap the classic photo above that she will forever remember.

The Arizona Wildcats went on to score an additional three runs in the 9th inning which was more than enough to overtake the Gamecocks 4-1, winning their first National Championship since 1986, and fourth overall.

The win ended the Gamecocks dominance in college baseball as they’ve won the World Series for the past 2 years, keeping the title in the SEC for the most part.

South Carolina Gamecocks coach Ray Tanner says they played a hard-fought game, but unfortunately came out on the wrong side.

“Though we’re disappointed tonight, I’m not disappointed in my players. We battled awful hard. We made a run, got to the postseason and got back out here. We got in the losers’ bracket and got back to the finals,” said the coach.

“We battled as hard as we could, but they did a little bit better than we did.”

What do you think of this crazy fans actions once she made it onto the field?

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33 Responses to “Crazed Fan Runs On Field At College World Series To Cop A Feel [PHOTO]”

  1. Candice Sortino

    Banned from the park, Century link & civic for a year plus a ticket for trespassing

  2. Candice Sortino

    Yeah there's lots, just google like cws 2012 girl runs on field or something haha

  3. Katelyn O'Callaghan

    haha alright i will! lol but we have yet to hang out this summer…grr

  4. Candice Sortino

    You'd be charged with sexual assault more than likely, glad I'm a minor & a girl.. it's sexist but true :/

  5. Deron E Lillard

    I was disappointed at the lack of security shown during this years CWS. On tv it seemed as though at least one person a game ran on the field and then the beach balls… I know harmless plastic balls but if they got those in whose to say they could not bring guns in?

  6. Zachary Pollard

    i know that girl i went to high school with her and is a good friend of mine

  7. Zachary Pollard

    dammit i did! i knew the girl that did it the last year of rosenblatt

  8. Candice Sortino

    Jessica Miller Sorry I just saw this, no it wasn't for attention. It was a spur of the moment thing. Multiple people ran before me so I just went for it too

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