Jessa Seewald difficult birth video

Jessa Seewald Birth Video: Duggar Daughter Shares Video Of Difficult Birth With Fans [Video]

Jessa Duggar Seewald recently shared some video footage of her difficult home birth with fans. The birth video footage shows Jessa writhing in pain as her husband Ben comforts her. The Duggar daughter gave birth to son Spurgeon Elliot Seewald at home before experiencing “difficulties.” The new mother was bleeding heavily and a 911 call was made for medical backup. Jessa can be heard saying, “oh, this is painful” as her sister Jinger Duggar explains to cameras that “something started to go wrong.” The scary birth video ends with Michelle escorting Jessa to an ambulance.

Jessa Seewald shared some of the footage of her home birth with eager Duggar fans in a TLC sneak peak preview. The video showed Jessa giving birth to her first child and showcased exactly how difficult the labor was for the first-time mom.

The video begins with a number of the Duggar siblings sobbing as they discussed the scandal involving their older brother Josh Duggar. However, halfway through the video it cuts to focus on sisters Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald. The show will open with statements from the Duggars surrounding Josh Duggar and the scandals that have plagued the family over the last few months. However, it appears that it will quickly shift gears and focus on the “future” of the Duggar family by showcasing Jill Dillard’s move to Central America and Jessa Seewalds pregnancy and birth.

The birth portion of the video shows the tough labor that Jessa endured and the complications she faced following the delivery of her son Spurgeon. Portions of the video show Jill Dillard, recently earning a Certified Professional midwife title, helping Jessa through early labor via FaceTime. Jill can be seen talking to Jessa as she closes her eyes during contractions. Jill’s husband Derick Dillard is seated nearby and asks, “Is she in labor right now?”

Once Jessa enters active labor it seems things got difficult. Jessa admits to People Magazine that she initially considered going to the hospital for pain medications but ultimately was persuaded to maintain her original plan for an unmedicated home birth. However, the choice was not easy. Jessa can be heard saying, “oh, this is painful” as she writhes in pain in her bed as her husband Ben Seewald holds her.

Jessa was eventually able to give birth to her 9 pound 10 ounce son in her home, but things quickly turned more frightening as Jessa began to bleed heavily following birth. Jinger tells cameras that “something started to go wrong” after the birth and that 911 was called. The 911 call was placed by Michelle Duggar, and she can be heard informing the operator that there was “a lot of blood” and that Jessa needed a medical evaluation.

The video footage shows Ben Seewald telling Jessa goodbye as she is wheeled out of the house and he remains behind to help care for the newborn baby boy. Meanwhile, Michelle Duggar can be seen entering the ambulance with her daughter which promptly leaves for the hospital. TLC will likely feature the birth as the centerpiece of one of the three Jill & Jessa: Counting On specials which will likely show even more of the labor video for Duggar fans.

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