Rey Mysterio officially signs with Lucha Underground

Rey Mysterio Officially Signs With Lucha Underground

After months of speculation, legendary professional wrestling legend Rey Mysterio has officially signed with Lucha Underground, the company announced via Facebook on Saturday evening.

Wrestling News confirms that Mysterio worked Saturday’s Lucha Underground tapings, competing in a battle royal match called “Aztec Warfare.” The promotion also released a trailer for their second season.

Since Mysterio parted ways with the WWE in late February, the high-flying, Mexican luchador has been linked to several companies with an interest in signing him. TNA reportedly offered Mysterio a lucrative offer to join the company, but he never signed. There were also rumors of Mysterio potentially rejoining WWE, among other things.

But in an interview with Ring Rust Radio (via Bleacher Report) earlier this year, the 41-year-old Mysterio confirmed his interest in joining Lucha Underground while not ruling out a WWE return.

“I’m a big fan of their product and I watch it on occasion. They are doing a wonderful job and I think it’s great that they give an opportunity to the future talent of AAA. I sit down and think if we had that type of promotion going on when AAA was filled with Psychosis, Juventud, Parka, Pentagon, Konnan, then lucha libre would have been introduced years ago to the United States. Unfortunately it didn’t happen but I think everything has its time to be exposed and now it has happened for Lucha Underground. I think if the time is right and I am interested I don’t see why not. If the opportunity came to come back to the WWE with a 50/50 terms base, I would do that as well. It’s good to know you have options and when the options come I will be the first to jump on it as long as it favors both parties involved.”

Rey Mysterio was with the WWE for 13 years before his departure in February. [Image by Erika Goldring/Getty Images]
Rey Mysterio was with the WWE for the last 13 years before his departure in late- February. [Image by Erika Goldring/Getty Images]
Meanwhile, Mysterio was wrestling on the independent circuit, competing in matches against the likes of “The Darewolf” PJ Black, Ricochet, The Young Bucks, and more. Mysterio is also set to wrestle former TNA superstar and current NJPW star AJ Styles on January 15 in the United Kingdom, per Wrestlezone.

In another interview conducted by Ring Rust Radio (via Wrestling Inc.) in early October — this time with Lucha Underground Executive Producer and former WWE writer Chris DeJoseph — it was confirmed that the promotion was interested in bringing the former WWE champion on board.

“If Rey was in Lucha Underground at all that would be amazing. What can you say about that guy? He is a former world champion and probably one of the most popular Luchadores ever. That would be amazing. As far as other new talent, that’s something that we are still in the process of. I think we would like to keep it a surprise for people. I will tell you there are some new characters, new faces, and some recognizable ones you will see.”

With the signing official, Mysterio is now confirmed to be a part of the promotion’s second season. Tapings for the season have already transpired, with the first two shows on the season taped in mid-November. For those interested, you can read the spoilers of what happened at those tapings here, courtesy of Wrestling Inc.

Current WWE United States champion Alberto Del Rio was a part of Lucha Underground during the first season, but with his recent return to the WWE, he obviously cannot wrestle there anymore. So the addition of Mysterio should soften the blow of losing Del Rio.

With Mysterio a part of Lucha Underground, it will the first time he’s under contract to a company other than WWE since he was with WCW in 2001.

[Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images]