Star Wars Lego

‘Star Wars’ LEGOs: Fun For All Ages

PRN Newswire is talking about the first LEGO Star Wars exhibition, now being held at Times Square in Hong Kong. It features exclusive models of vehicles as well as characters. A feast for the eyes of any Star Wars fan, the exhibit includes the world’s largest Millenium Falcon made at 1:6 scale and over 30 First Order Stormtroopers in a Battle of Jakku diorama. The world’s first 1:20 lego spaceships are also featured. It runs until January 1, 2016.

Star Wars will premiere in a yet-to-be-announced theater on Hollywood Boulevard on Monday, and along with it, their LEGO counterparts. USA Today provided photos of the life-size LEGO versions of Rey and the roly-poly droid that will appear on the red carpet. The two figures combined took 243 hours to create using almost 25,800 LEGOs. The combined weight of the two figures is 157 pounds. The Rey figure stands 67 inches tall, while the roly-poly droid figure is 28 inches tall. LEGO tweeted photos of their Rey and droid figures along with their BB-8 figure earlier this week.

This month, The Brothers Brick, a blog for the massive number of adult LEGO fans, has been revealing the mini-figurines and mini-kits from that day’s LEGO Star Wars and Friends Advent Calendar. The calendar is similar to a traditional advent calendar, except that when you open each door, it reveals a miniature LEGO version of a Star Wars figure, starship, vehicle, or some other Star Wars element. They are hugely popular and widely unavailable at this point.

On November 18, The Washington Post reported on some amazing photographs taken by Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimaki of his child’s LEGO Star Wars figures. The first photos he took were of Snowtrooper figures in the snow. That was six years ago. Since then, he has been creating battle scenes with his son’s LEGO Star Wars figures and posting them to Flickr. He has accumulated so many that he has now created a book of his images. It’s titled LEGO STAR WARS: Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy. The scenes he creates are incredibly realistic.

LEGOS appeal to the creativity and imagination in children of all ages and Star Wars has captured the hearts and minds of millions worldwide. It’s no wonder that when you combine the two, the appeal and fascination is universal.

[Photo courtesy of Nukamari/Flickr]