Katelin Akens: Plane Ticket And Credit Card Found Among Dumped Items

There are new details in the search for Katelin Akens, and they seem to indicate further suspicion surrounding her disappearance. The Free Lance-Star reports that items found in the missing woman’s luggage included personal items that one wouldn’t ordinarily abandon. Do these items hold significance regarding the search for the missing Spotsylvania woman?

It was previously reported that evidence was found in the luggage belonging to Katelin Akens. However, authorities did not clarify what the evidence was at the time. It’s now been revealed that Katelin’s plane ticket, credit card, and other personal items were found in the luggage, which was abandoned in a drainage ditch. The discovery of the plane ticket only seems to confirm that the missing 19-year-old did not make it to the airport.

It’s also been clarified that her stepfather dropped her off at a shopping mall, and not at a Metro station as previously reported. Authorities in Spotsylvania County have confirmed that her stepfather dropped her off at the mall and that his story has been “corroborated,” but investigators have not shared how his story has been confirmed. They have also declared that no surveillance footage has been found of the missing woman, contrary to reports claiming otherwise. So what happened to Katelin Akens, and why were her most personal and important belongings dumped in a drainage ditch with her luggage?

The last time Katelin was seen was with her stepdad, who dropped her off at a mall in Northern Virginia. She was supposed to board a flight back to Arizona, where she attended cosmetology school, but she never made it to her destination. Her loved ones say that she does not have a history of disappearing or going missing, which only adds to the concern her loved ones have regarding the circumstances that are surrounding her disappearance.

Authorities with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office say that the loved ones of the missing woman are all cooperating with their investigation, but they still don’t know where this missing woman could be or what may have happened to her.

Meanwhile, authorities in the same county are also investigating the bizarre murder of 21-year-old Heather Ciccone, who was found shot dead in the front seat of her car on Monday. Ciccone was reportedly shot in the back of the head and left in her car, which was parked in the driveway of a man who has no known connection to the case. It has been four days since her murdered body was found, and amid rumors and speculation, authorities have not made a single arrest in her case, nor have they named any possible persons of interest or suspects. Nonetheless, Heather’s loved ones believe that someone was stalking her — an unidentified woman that she had been having problems with on social media and in real life.

Even though the murder of Heather Ciccone took place in the same time frame (and the same county) as the disappearance of Katelin Akens, authorities say that these two cases are not connected. However, that hasn’t stopped the public from speculating on the possibility that a serial killer is prowling the streets of Spotsylvania. It wouldn’t be the first time, either.

If you know anything about the disappearance of Katelin Akens, please immediately contact authorities with the Spotsylvania Police. Her loved ones are holding on to hope that she will be found safe and alive.

[Image via Spotsylvania Police handout]