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Erykah Badu‬ Apologizes To ‪Iggy Azalea, Tells Daughters To Go Live ‬‬With Her

Erykah Badu doesn’t owe Iggy Azalea an apology for the comments she made at the 2015 Soul Train Awards, which aired on November 30, but on Monday she did just that. Badu attempted to make amends with Iggy for calling out the “Fancy” hitmaker during her opening monologue, insisting the music she makes is “definitely not rap.” Despite stating the obvious, many fans of both artists took to social media to express outrage over the comment.

Iggy took to Twitter to respond to Badu’s shade, writing, “Hi guys I know its been a while.

“We are days from 2016, but I came online today and saw its still cool to try and discredit my 2014 accomplishments. LOL (laugh out loud), f**king hell. Seems exhausting.”

Well, it seems their feud may have just come to a head, as the “Tyrone” songstress released a Twitter video offering up a hilariously haphazard apology to the Grammy nominee. Check out the video below, in which she credits her daughters for helping her acknowledge what many considered an offense.

“I want to do this for my daughters. I want to apologize to Iggy Azalea because she’s one of their favorite artists and they listen to her all the time and it’s for them,” she began in the video above, but added that her two daughters, Puma and Mars, should “go be with her then.”

“But when I think about it, I mean if y’all love her so much, why don’t you all go be with her then? Go and be with her, y’all – go on Puma, go on Mars. Is Iggy Azalea gonna miss the healing seminar to go to the school and sit across from the teacher so she can tell you that all y’all been doing is talking to your neighbors and not getting your lesson? Is she? Where’s Iggy for that?'” she amused.

Puma, 11, is Erykah’s child with rapper The D.O.C., while she shares six-year-old daughter Mars with boyfriend Jay Electronica. She also has an 18-year-old son, named Seven, with Outkast’s Andre 3000.

As E! News notes, Iggy accepted the singer’s apology, even inviting Badu’s daughters to attend a future concert as an incentive to get good grades at school.

“I’m gonna announce a new tour soon, if they do great in class, there is officially an open invitation to them and friends with good report cards to come and enjoy a show anytime,” Iggy said in an open letter on Twitter.”

The four-time Grammy award-winning Badu released her latest music project, But You Caint Use My Phone, last Friday as an Apple exclusive, and the mixtape has debuted #1 on the iTunes R&B album charts. The album features her insanely infectious rendition of Drake’s hit single “Hotline Bling.” Erykah told the L.A. Times that the “simplicity” of the track is what attracted her to it.

Named for the famous refrain from her now iconic “Tyrone” track, the experimental mix tape was written, recorded, and mixed in the living room of Badu’s Dallas home.

“We did one song a day. All of those vocals are actually one take. It was fun, easy. I used tuning forks and singing bowls in the music in post production, just trying to create some frequencies that felt really good that I always use in all of my works. I wanted to make sure I implanted those things here too,” Badu said.

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Erykah Badu took part in a Twitter Q&A on Monday (December 7), as part of an initiative with Twitter Music, where she talked about her creative process and getting over breakups and offered 30-second meditations on love. As Billboard reports, she ended the session with this question: What does the world need more of? Her response: “More L.O.L and L.O.V.E.”

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