Rihanna Sex Tape (Allegedly) Leaked on the Internet [UPDATE]

A Rihanna Sex Tape has been leaked onto the internet (Allegedly) and is making it’s rounds. We all knew it would happen soon, like, you know, since Rihanna’s name has dropped out of the media and someone needed to do something drastic, like, what if a Rihanna Sex Tape showed up online?

The sex tape features Rihanna (Allegedly) doing the bump and grind with some guy, who we all know is Chris Brown because, like, the two of them had a thing for taking photos of themselves doing the nasty and all.

Anyways, we won’t be posting the actual Rihanna Sex Tape here on the Inquisitr, but we could possibly have linked to the video somewhere in the next few words I write, like, here. **Warning** that’s a download file so you have to download it onto your computer. It’s virus free when I got it but it’s not like, you know, I actually watched it or anything.

UPDATE: I’m hearing that the the download above is not a sex tape with Rihanna in it. I don’t know about you, but you be the judge –

Is that a Genuine Rihanna Sex Tape?

Is this a genuine Rihanna Sex Tape?

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