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Woman charged with incest sentenced to 4 years

Woman charged with incest sentenced to 4 years

A woman charged with incest with her 16-year-old son has been sentenced, but says she didn’t commit incest – she was genetically attracted to her son.

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161 Responses to “Woman charged with incest sentenced to 4 years”

  1. Patricia Olivas

    He was led by her because he hadn't seen her since he was 2 he was not raised with her otherwise i dont feel she could have led him that easy

  2. Denise Fowler

    Again, here is another story of and adult in a situation that they took advantage of a child..When are we going to force legislation and laws that put these people behind bars for real times served? It sickens me that a person can get more time in jail for animal abuse than for child abuse…You see advocates everyday on tv and such to protect animals, where are the advocates for children? Please let us as a people change these laws.

  3. Princess Peach

    Please learn how to spell.
    Also, it's people like you that force pedophiles to killl children instead of returning them home safely.

  4. Princess Peach

    It's not a joke. If less people were blindly oblivious to the fact that this happens, and it happens alot, then maybe we can come to better conclusions than just putting people behind bars. America has the largest persons incarcerated per capita. Do we really need to send more people to jail?

    How about serious investigations, asking if the 16 year old "Child" what his opinions are about it. Would his life improve if his mom were in jail? Where would he live?

    And don't give me some baloney about how he was "led" or "swayed" into this. Kids are not stupid and you should stop treating them as such. If you don't think he is smart enough to have his own opinion about it, then why can recruitment officers send young men his age overseas to kill people?

    At age 16, you can also join a trade union, work full time if you quit school, and apply for a passport without parental consent.

    And don't get me started on what it says about incest in the Bible. You'd probably rip it up.

  5. Misti Gonsolis

    Returning them home safely? You obviously have NO clue how deeply sexual abuse scars a child…and those are scars that NEVER heal. Your statement is truly disturbing.

  6. Misti Gonsolis

    That's a stretch…I believe what I was saying is that a child could hardly be considered unharmed (safe)once they've fallen prey to a pedophile.

  7. Kelly Whitsell

    You my dear are the princess of the local loony ben!!!! No they are not better off dead but the offenders are!!!! You are a peach if you think that we should say ok pedophiles if you drop them off on their front door and make sure they get home safe we will only give you a couple of months of jail time at the most!! Because we do not want you to kill these children physically just emotionally!!! The world needs less tolerance when they are caught take them into the middle of town find a strong limb on a tree hang a sign around their neck that says this is what happens to pedophiles!!! Hang them high and let them rot down!!!If you think any different you do not have children that you worry about everyday!!!!!!

  8. Kelly Whitsell

    Princess Peach We have more people in jail because we care about our country and its future more then most other countries!! Plus alot of counties will just kill you throw you in an unmarked grave and tell your family they don't know what happened to you!! But hey if you don't like the rules here in the great USA please by all means move our country would be better with all you crazy people!!In 33 years I have never heard someone say they want lighter sentences for offenders of crimes against children!!! You make me sick!!!

  9. Princess Peach

    Other countries don't just give Americans citizenship because we ask nicely. They kind of hate us, you know? Enjoy voting for Romney and plunging what little grasp we have left on tolerance into complete darkness.

    How many people drooled at Britney Spears when her first music video came on? She was 16.

  10. Anonymous

    Princess Peach ……..You and the other knee grow beeotches are on gubment funding ventures show nuff!

  11. Deborah Cressler

    How sick can you get, even if he wasn't raised by her he was still her son.

  12. Barbara Myles

    A real sick situation. Let us pray for deliverance for this woman. Unfortunately if she did this to her own son she will more then likely do it to another child in the future.

  13. Larry N Tammy Hiebert

    She now has 4 years to think about being attracted to her own son.

  14. Larry N Tammy Hiebert

    Also – hope she has time to find her a new boyfriend. Or Corrections officer; like Susan Smith.
    or that Ms Jones; the former NFL cheerleader teacher who was given 5 yrs probation for statuatory rape, then walked out the court room hand in hand with same victim.

  15. Promit Ghosh

    Does anyone know that the only reason you don't have sexual attraction to family members is because you grow up with them? I"m not justifying what she did, but rather, giving a different take on what everyone is saying.

    She didn't raise him, so it's wholly plausible that she was attracted to him.

    However, genetically attracted is a load of bull, because you can't be "genetically attracted" to any single individual.

  16. Paula Qualls Gurley

    I have no telerance, no compassion or anything else except disgust for pedophiles. They prey on those who can't defend themselves. They are not "forced" to kill their victims, they do so to either silence them or to get their sick jollies. There is no excuse for raping a child…….none.

  17. Kelly Whitsell

    Sean Wagner No there is never a good excuse to rape anyone!!! But rape is not just what happens to children!!! It is murder!!!! Murder to their innocence, soul, childhood, freedom and the list goes on and on!! I am a rape survivor!!!! I was not a child!! I was 19!! It took me years to get over it!! Sometimes I will not see someone and then they talk and it scares me!!! I'll tremble and have nightmares!! But what happened to me is nothing to what happens to children!!!! So Paula I AGREE AS I STATED ABOVE!!!!!!

    The world needs less tolerance when they are caught take them into the middle of town find a strong limb on a tree hang a sign around their neck that says this is what happens to pedophiles!!! Hang them high and let them rot down!!!

  18. Sean Wagner

    Go ahead. Find the nearest sex offender to you, barge into their house, and murder them in cold blood! This will surely solve all rape and gender equality issues. Continue to spout uninhibited, and uninformed hatred! While you're at it, lose all faith in men and complete your Utopian Amazonian race of Superwomen! If more women actually advanced anything in scientific fields, they might understand that it's already possibly to breed without men. Cool, right? Chemically castrate any pedophile or ephebophile, and deny them their right to reproduce: Obviously, those kinds of traits are passed on genetically. Just like people who beat their kids! Forget the fact that Juliette, Pocahontas, Cleopatra, and many other historical and fictional icons were only 14 or younger at the time of realizing their true love! But our kids are far stupider nowadays, so let's continue to shelter them, and not properly teach them about safe sex; They don't need to know about that stuff until they're already pregnant! Let's continue to have teachers who confiscate student's phones for taking risque pictures of themselves to jail! Let's also continue sending those students who took the pictures to juvenille hall, for producing those evil images that pedophiles magically get a hold of. It's not like there are dozens of websites where this material is easily available! Let's just raise the age of consent, too, because that obviously keeps people from the desire in the first place! Everyone knows if you make something illegal, no one will want to do it anymore! Just like deadly bathtub cocktails during the prohibition!

    But most importantly, pray. That's all, just pray. Don't actually do anything about it, read up on it, sympathize with people who have mental illness, or any other form of advanced sentient thought! Just hope that Jesus will do something about it eventually and it will all be ok.

  19. Farice Parton

    Love how you can walk on piles of legos. lol but they are not the reason for that mess. The Pedophiles that are sick are the reason. Why don't they arrest the wealthy that marry in the family and have children with each other. That incest too.

  20. Brenda Barnum

    "Genetically Attracted" what an assinine comment. This monster of a mother gets only 6 years? Sickening. This young man is destroyed for life. We only pray that he gets the proper counseling and prayer that leads to healing. A monster with no compassion, You sick moronic witch deserve life in prison and nothing less. I am a female and was raped as a child and It has haunted me for 50 years. There should be no time off for good behavior. May the Lord help her but keep her behind bars FOREVER.

  21. Shawn Woody

    Sean Wagner wow this guy is the dumbest most ignorant person on facebook, really? give pedophiles less time for returning kids after they raped them WTF man do you realize how STUPID you are?

  22. Dee Tee

    Promit, that's no excuse. pedophilia is a sickness I would lock her ass up for life

  23. Amber R. Jones

    There is a condition where children and parents are attracted to each other when they are not around each other early on. More mental than genetic. Just can't remember the name of it. Law and order svu made an episode about a case on it.

  24. Promit Ghosh

    I can understand your anger at the way she took advantage of the boy, but I'd like to point out that not everyone's minds work the same way. There still is a lot to know about the human brain, and the fact that each one is wired differently just makes that harder.

    While you and I both agree that her explanation isn't adequate, we must keep in mind that in her mind it may have been completely legitimate. Remember, even in cases like these, she MUST be attracted to him, and though you said that it is a turn off for you, she may not think the same way.

    The thing people are missing is that the only reason mothers don't (and won't, except in rare cases) feel attracted to their sons is because they raise their children, and that negates the sexual attraction. In a similar way, fathers aren't attracted to their daughters even if they are really hot. Let's be honest, there are definitely really hot females out there (speaking strictly physically). Why don't their dads want to have sex with them? Biologically, men are attracted to young, fertile females.

    This is because the fathers raised their daughters and thus do not feel sexual attraction for them.

    While it is a load of shit that she was "genetically attracted" since this is impossible, it is definitely possible that since she didn't raise her son, she felt an attraction to him.

    I am not saying this justifies what she did; it is simply a scientific outlook on the situation.

  25. Michelle Maria Thompson

    Amber R. Jones these people obviously have a serious mental issues.For the woman in the link to want to have a sexual relationship with her biological father (who by the way didn't care enough to be in her life but was willing to f*ck her and get her pregnant) shows lack of morality and lack of judgement.

  26. Mary Broderick

    This is one sick mother! If what she did was not bad enough, our crazy court system only gave her four years! They should have locked the door to the cell and thrown away the key. Our young people need to be protected from such a desperately sick woman. She should certainly not be trusted even after four years behind bars!

  27. Sandra Seay

    I pray that God heals you from the torture you endured. I was molested as a child, but not raped. That was bad enough for me. I agree, this woman is mentally gone and needs to have a harsher sentence. Her son will pay the price for many years to come, unless He allows God to step in and heal him. God bless you Brenda. I feel you!

  28. Nelline Barrow

    That is one weird woman. I can't believe what I just read. Right when I thought the people in this world couldn't get any weirder on their kids…

  29. Ryan Johns

    This isn't pedophilia in this case. And I'm hardly going to act like someone is a sick monster because they're attracted to a 16 year old, but then suddenly not a monster when that 16 year old is 2 years older. Also, I don't think incest should be a crime.

  30. Pamela Blozvich

    The woman is downright weird! She definitly needs therapy!!!!!!I can't say more online darn it!! Good day.

  31. Anonymous

    the drug laws in this country need to be abolished as long as we continue to lock up junkies the real monsters of this world murders rapists child molestors and violent criminals will continue to be freed to make room for drug addicts and drug dealers this countries stupidity sickens me.

  32. Teneer Brown

    So now it is ok to sleep with our children even though we did not raise them? What sick people. So the people who agree with this also are probably the ones who think its ok to sleep with animals. We as human beings need to know where to draw the line. Genetic Attraction my ass.

  33. Nicholle Branyt

    I agree that there should be stricter laws for this kind of thing, being a *survivor* of child abuse, but I am also an animal lover, and animal abuse generally is NOT taken seriously enough. They are just as helpless as children, and they can't even talk or defend themselves. Animals and children BOTH deserve our respect and protection.

  34. Corbin Graham

    There was a man in michigan that just got 15 life sentences for something to do with child pornography…This gives me some sort of hope for humanity…

  35. Ron Skeen

    Fathers have been genetically attracted to daughters for years, they get 20 years. It's called rape. Stupid Bitch!

  36. Emily Ochitill

    This is not an either or situation. Many animal and child abuse cases are never pursued. The amount of time an animal abuser gets IF the ridiculously high burden of proof is produced to even attempt to prosecute is MINIMAL at best. You think Michael Vick would still be in the NFL if it was children he was abusing? You are out of touch. There are not nearly enough advocates for children or animals.

  37. Michelle Reynolds-Golda

    For Christ sake most mothers are genetically attracted to their son's, because they are beautiful extensions of their being. However, most mothers recognize the sacredness of such a bond and would never commit such an atrocity to desecrate it. This woman deserves to die for her crime. I am just so sick and tired of people like this infesting the planet. I really am. I do not want my tax dollars paying for this sick and twisted bitch to live a life of luxury behind bars regardless of whether it is for six years or life.

  38. Kay Christensen

    Ryan, you don't think incest should be a crime??? Incest is so sickening & so abhorent it's hard to even imagine. If there weren't laws against it, some adult family members would treat their underage family members, WHO ARE TOO YOUNG TO PROTECT THEMSELVES, as nothing but sexual playthings if there were no longer any consequences for it. And what about the inbred children born to some of these unnatural unions? Please pull your head out of your butt before you suffocate!

  39. Anonymous

    @ Ryan Johns – Wow. You don't think incest should be a crime? There aren't enough people available in the world for you to sex up? Incest is an easy, lazy option for someone lacking impulse control.

  40. Inno Akujobi

    That's America for you!! Imagine if she was black? What do you think they could have done to her?

  41. Inno Akujobi

    The woman is possessed of the devil. That is devilish and should be punished harshly as a deterrent to other sickos out there.

  42. Kathy Rains

    ALL the MALES available on this EARTH….and she has sex with her OWN SON? Is her name BATES? 'LOVE Mommy~~!' She should be in a PSYCH WARD!

  43. Anonymous

    Equal rights for women? If it was a man and his daughter, he would have gotten 20+ years in prison. A pretty woman…4 years. So much for equality.

  44. John P E Curtin

    I havn't scientifically investigated incest but my hunch is that it has been going on among humans for over 10,000 years. The Ten Commandments do not mention incest, only indirectly by adultery. Lot was sort of seduced by his two daughters and it is not presented negatively. My personal opinion is that the most most negative aspect of it is increasing the liklihood of defective offspring. Incest could be argued as protected by first amendment rights, free speech. Pornographic magazines and xxxmovies should lose their free speech protection because they have been proven not to be free at all but self-indulgent, bad habit forming, addictive, sinful garbage.

  45. Joshua Farmer

    Ryan Johns AND WHY SHOULDN'T INCEST BE A CRIME? It is proven to create a much higher likelihood of genetic/mental defects along with thinning the genetic pool. And what the hell is fucking wrong with you when you think it's okay for a Dad to fuck his daughter or a mother to fuck her son. And yeah, 16 is too young for emotionally immature kiddies to be doing it anyway.

  46. Sindy Finn

    what a sick twisted bitch.
    I hope that child gets all the therapy he can and gets healed quickly god knows she has destroyed what ever he could have become. I pray he does'nt turn into a molester too. Evil cow! she deserves to fry in the chair.

  47. Sindy Finn

    Really Ryan "Incest should not be a crime" what sick puppy you are !

  48. Julana Briones

    Ryan Johns – You should go get your head examined!!!! So many sick and twisted people out there. Even if it wasn't her child, it's NOT ok to touch ANY child sexually. To destroy a child's innocence and betray their trust in such a manor is an abomination. I think it's injust that women pedophiles tend to do less time than male pedophiles.

  49. Julana Briones

    Really Jon Vander Pol? Really? It wouldn't bother you to have sex with your own mom? You're obviously thinking with your brainless head. It doesn't matter what a pedophile looks like, it's disgusting!

  50. Anonymous

    Ryan Johns: I will get a lot of crap for my comment but here it goes…… I agree that incest should not be a crime. Rape of a family member should be a crime and rape of an underage child should be a crime. Just the act of having sex with a relative should not be. NO I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!!! I was not raised by my mom and would not have sex with her. She is my mom. Now lets keep in mind that in Hawaii the age of consent, the age at which a person can say ok lets have sex, is the age of 14. Most states say it is 16 that is why they did not get her with rape or anything like that with him. Incest laws are the last thing they will charge you with just so they can get you on something. No law should be there for that. When you rape a family member you should get more time for it then if it was someone else. It is just wrong. It is worst, i think, not saying rape of someone not related is ok cause it is not. I was raped as a child, well 16, so I think I can kinda talk about this on here. Also, with boys at the age of 16 they just wanna have sex with anyone and everyone. So, with him not being raised by his "mom" I can see him doing it. Her come on lady what the heck are you thinking? You need help not jail. Put her in a nut house for a long time and give her help or she will never change.

    So, I agree with Ryan and I disagree.

  51. Nicklos Silkworth

    I don't know, this is defiantly some backwards stuff but I don't think boys can really be "raped" unless there penetrated. Otherwise the parts needed for copulation would not rise to the occasion. Esp when I hear about teachers going to prison for having sex with legal adults 16 is the common age of consent around the world. Fine you can fire them but no prison is warranted. I certainly would have and have had sex with older persons when I was 15-16 and I turned out fine. Each individual is different but boys think about the sexual identities differently then girls.

  52. Nicklos Silkworth

    Well, one problem is that or legal system is messed up anyway. We have people that have to register as sex offenders because they were caught peeing in public. Or 17 year old students getting 15 year old girlfriends and having oral sex with them and get 20 years in prison. We keep blurring the lines when people who otherwise are good people are called pedophiles. I even heard a story one where 2 students at the same high school had been dating for years and she became a teachers assistant year after graduation and she was put in prison.. its insane…

  53. Andrew Thomas Regan

    She would have gotten less time and claimed abuse of the judicial system because she is black.

  54. Andrew Thomas Regan

    If it happened to one of your daughters, would you still think its all right? You're obviously a jerk.

  55. Andrew Thomas Regan

    Wow, you sound really desperate. Maybe you should get a blow up doll since you are so pathetic.

  56. Andrew Thomas Regan

    You are out of your mind. If a grown man were to have sex with his 16 year old daughter, would that be all right as well?

  57. Damien Lavizzo

    "She claims she didn't commit incest, she was genetically attracted to her son."…isn't that almost the dictionary definition of incest?

  58. Jeff Fitzgerald

    I dunno, his mom looks pretty hot. And besides, from what I gathered from the article, it was consensual. Anyone saying the boy's life is "ruined" is full of shit. I'm not condoning incest but if they're both consenting adults who gives a crap? It's their lives, not ours. Who are we to judge.

  59. Kelita Kelly

    Inno Akujobi was right….you can call him racist all you want but he is so right on. you are the dumb ass for living here and not knowing that it happens every day. If you are white and sell cocaine you get less time THEN a black or brown person selling crack. THAT 'S A FACT JACK LOOK IT UP. I just read a story about the pretty white girl who kill her child (the baby has never been found the judge gave her 5 years. In the same state a black lady got 15 years.
    So he was telling the f……ing truth and…. I hate know one because we are all brother and sister.
    Don't call people racist for telling you the truth. You look in the jails and the black and brown get more
    time for the same evil deed then there white brother. THAT A FACT JACK LOOK IT UP…I LOVE YOU

  60. Jamil Alexander

    He's sixteen, he's not a child and wasn't 'taken advantage' of reason I'm bringing that up is because I'm twenty and I damn sure was nobody's fool or child when I was sixteen. You soccer moms need to realize this already and accept it. You may or may not be naive at that age but you damn sure can MAKE your own decisions at that age and respond to situations.

    Now with the whole incest part, not my problem.

  61. Jamil Alexander

    If really shows how soft we've become as people when why honestly imply and attempt to believe that a sixteen year old who wasn't raped, drugged, nor under the influence of anything somehow was taken advantage of. At sixteen you know what you're doing and are fully responsible for your decisions and having looked up the details of the situation this kid in particular damn sure is no dummy. Described as out of control and a sort of other things yet people fail to realize that this over protection bullshit is one of the many variables that cause that.

    I'm twenty now going on twenty one. I was never taken advantage of at sixteen nor was some vulnerable child. Now the incest bit is a different argument and I'm honestly not getting into that. Just putting this out there for you parents, mainly mothers, who have a serious case of over protection for anybody young. I knew a lot of people at that age, was seen as a kid/young cause of the age, but never called a child if you get what I mean.

  62. Anonymous

    I hope that young man gets all the counseling he needs to deal with this………..he is branded for life in his mind! What an evil woman………nasty, nasty!

  63. Pat Oaks

    It is bad enough when men rape there daughters now moms are reaping there sons. This is getting to be a sick world.

  64. Mike Santana

    I've seen the effect first hand of people I know that have been molested, its a crazy, deranged move, and action, from a crazy deranged person, I know it destroys lives and the family molestation is crazy as well, strangers kidnapping an forcibly raping in such a brutal way, I know that any brutal rape or molestation is horrible but I had this weird thought that will not leave my mind, someone help me…at 16 don't you know not to bang your mother? I don't know, what age you learn that?

  65. Gerald Scott

    You think this is bad? I can't believe the people on here so repulsed by this but ignore the fact that Obamacare will make it possible for kids in junior high to be able to get an abortion without parents ever even being informed. Our president is the one who is sick and needs to be imprisoned.

  66. Leah Jayne Sell

    ^ The fuck???? "Genetically attracted" to your own offspring, who shares 23 of your chromosomes? Um. I'm no geneticist, but I don't think this ends well. *Cue the banjo music*

  67. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    Jamil, he WAS taken advantage of, and USED, by the one person in the world who is supposed to keep him safe and protected. I know many 16 year old boys who aren't as "worldly" and/or "wise" as you were.
    I just wonder how YOU'D feel if YOUR mother came on to you and used you for sex.
    I highly doubt you would be able to stay on that very high horse you are riding…..

  68. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    Andrew Thomas Regan Hey ya dumb ass, seriously…drink some bleach, will ya?
    You don't deserve to be allowed to own those pretty black cats….

  69. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    Wow. You are one sick sumbitch aincha?
    So, tell us, how many times did you screw YOUR mother, hmmmmmm?

  70. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    Um, THIS coming from the guy who said he envied the son….YOU HAVE NO ROOM TO TALK, SICKO!

  71. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    (that last comment is directed towards Andrew the real mother f u c k e r Thomas Regan.

  72. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    Kay Christensen Actually, just let him leave it stuffed up there…suffocation would be almost too good for this sicko.

  73. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    Yeah, Andrew, that still doesn't give you the right to screw up anyone else's life…

  74. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    Please do not reproduce. You sir, are a SICK bastard.

  75. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    Has nothing to do with some imaginary devil and everything to do with her being a pedophile.
    There is no cure for pedophilia, not even you beloved Christ can save them.
    As soon as they are convicted THE FIRST TIME, they should be gassed.
    "Possessed of the devil" is just a cop out for people incapable of accepting responsibility for their OWN actions.
    I guess you think we should pray for her, right?

  76. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    And you know what? Abortion is LEGAL in this country. It is a MEDICAL PROCEDURE. If you do not like the laws of this country, there are hundreds of others you can choose from.
    Don't like abortion? Then use protection when you screw, so as to not create any unplanned, or unwanted pregnancies in your woman….whatever woman would be crazy enough to sleep with you…
    Better yet, in your case, perhaps it would best if you got a vasectomy…just to be sure there is no chance of someone as ignorant as you reproducing and passing on your idiot genes.

  77. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    So, you think incest is o k, then? Cos, it's in the Bible? So, incest is o k, but homosexuality is NOT?


    All I can say is you follow one sick twisted perverted religion and I am sooooo glad I got out of it before it could destroy all my brain cells as it appears it has done with yours………..

    Just wow.

  78. Graham Jeacocke

    You think this is sick. Well lets take our drinking culture. Every one of us allows young people to drink. we don't make decision and say lets halt production of drink even for those of us that can handle it and let people know there is a problem associated with it. We allow our children to become addicted and get liver cancer because we are to SELFISH to sacrifice and give it up ourselves. You call this lady a monster. Go f- look in the mirror it is you that is the monster….]

  79. Jared Fremlin

    Oh come on now. You KNOW, that the feminists are all going to come to this womans defense, and BOOM, we have a new disease/excuse.. "Genetically Attracted", that is the biggest load i have heard all week…

  80. Thomas Rannie Randolph Jr

    This is some terrible Norman Bates stuff. If I stole a car and wrecked it, I would get more than 4 years for that.

  81. Chris Moran

    if she was black she woulda got a less of a sentence! look at mike vick,he shoulda got the death sentence but cuz hes rich n black he did what 3 years! unreal.

  82. Dorkus Amongus

    be glad she got ANYTHING at all!! people always find something to bitch about. they could've let her go and then you'd been even more pissed. yes our system sucks, but, hey it's something!

  83. Ian Fraser

    Sandra Seay I feel very sorry for what you went through as a child, just appalling. One question though, do you not ask God why he didn't intervene when you were being molested? He obviously saw what was happening, in fact he knew about it before it happened, but as an atheist it's something that has always fascinated me, how you square that circle.
    best wishes to you.

  84. Arthur Cuelho

    A pedophile is someone attracted to physicly immature children. As far as 16 goes half the states in the USA you can be married at 16 or even 14 in some. What gets you sent as a felony sex offender to prison in one state, is a matter of consent in another, now thats a brain bender. In france its 15, in Germany its 14, in spain 13, in the Vatican its 12…..

  85. Anonymous

    Incest? What about statutory rape? If she were a man I GUARANTEE you she would have been charged with that!

  86. Chrissy Arroz

    She destroyed everything he could have become? You act like someone who is in a sexual relationship that is taboo, is annihilated emotionally. This article was only a couple of lines, we have no idea what went on here. While I agree that rape of a family member should be a crime, to say this woman was a pedophile or a rapist is a knee-jerk reaction from a society that is instantly disgusted by anything that is taboo.

  87. Davis Alkire

    at the age of 16 the boy should have known the difference between right and wrong. so he is partially to blame himself for letting it happen.

  88. Desmika White

    Inno you made my!!!!" imagine if she was black"woo!.good

  89. Loriann Goldman

    Poor young man. He'll probably need therapy because of his own biological incubator (I just can't call her his mother. A mother is supposed to protect her children, not commit sexual abuse.) But why only a 4 year sentence? If I were the judge, she'd get a much longer sentence. It seems like a double-standard to me. If a father did the EXACT SAME THING to his daughter, I'd bet his sentence would be MUCH longer than 4 years. And her "defense" claiming to be Genetically ATTRACTED to her son deserves NO RESPONSE. This boy was a MINOR, NOT a consenting, legal ADULT. This woman is DISGUSTING. ~£ori Towsley-Goldman

  90. Gina Hansen Nupp

    You don't act right, motherfucker. lol

    (LaWanda, that worked extra well here, don't you think?!)

  91. LaWanda Anderson

    I dont know Gina…. I can't see where it would fit into this particulat scenario.. but none thel less it still makes me laugh lol 😀

  92. LaWanda Anderson

    Oh yeah Kyle btw….you didnt pay attention to the fact that the photo is cropped to her face only 😛

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