Flipboard For Android Out Of Beta Release

Flipboard Leaves Beta, Now Available For All Android Users

Flipboard is now available to all Google Android users after a short beta period and a window of exclusivity for the Samsung Galaxy S III. The program which can be downloaded for free (Google Play) brings all of the popular features that have been available to iOS devices for several years. Along with basic Android devices the Flipboard app is also coming to Kindle Fire and Nook tablets.

Not only does the Flipboard for Android app deliver the popular features of the iOS platform, it also adds Google+ connectivity and YouTube video support.

To gain Google+ support the team at Flipboard was given early and special access to the Google+ API which has not been made available to the general public at this time.

Users of Google+ can see all of their activity in circles via the Flipboard magazine-style interface. Users can also flip through all of their Most Viewed, Trending Videos and Top Favorite Youtube subscriptions.

The Flipboard for Android application has also added multiple language support for Germany, Italy, Korea, Netherlands and Spain while providing reading recommendations created by local curators.

For website owners the Flipboard app is a big jump forward in terms of connecting with an ever-growing based on web users. On inquisitr we receive a large number of our Twitter mentions from Flipboard users thanks to its highly optimized mobile website that features easy sharing options.

If you own a Google Android device give it a try today and let us know what you think of the new app.