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Cee Lo’s Cockatoo To Make Debut On ‘The Voice’ [Video]

cee lo green cockatoo

Goodbye Purrfect, hello Lady. Cee Lo Green will be bringing a new animal, his new pink cockatoo, to “The Voice” next season.

The NY Daily News reports that Cee Lo’s Cockatoo, named lady, will appear on “The Voice” next season and may even add her opinion on occasion.

Cee Lo said:

“Lady’s name says it all… She’s my little lady with a big opinion. Sometimes whispers inappropriateness in my ear, but always ladylike…”

During the last season of “The Voice,” Cee Lo Green sat in his judges chair petting a white kitty named Purrfect like an evil villain. Next season, however, Purrfect will be retired.

Cee Lo said that Purrfect was a special cat but that it’s time for Lady the pink cockatoo to get a turn in the spotlight.

Green told People Magazine:

“She’s a special cat. Cats are usually careless – or they could care less – but she seems pretty compassionate.”

Cee Lo also said that the cat isn’t his personal pet. The Voice mentor insisted that Purrfect was not a “rental” cat, but instead, a trained entertainment “professional.” Purrfect had a pretty big fan base, however, and had over 35,000 Twitter Followers.

It isn’t clear if the pink cockatoo is Cee Lo Green’s personal pet of if she’s another entertainment professional. Green did say that the two had an interesting first meeting:

Green said:

“I met her flying around in a fantasy of mine. She was wild and free just as I’d like to be! Birds of a feather we are.”

Are you a fan of Cee Lo Green? Are you excited to meet his pink cockatoo?

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3 Responses to “Cee Lo’s Cockatoo To Make Debut On ‘The Voice’ [Video]”

  1. James Foley

    The VOICE is our (wife and I) favorite of the many singing/talent competitions (besides the Sing Off). However we do love birds and I will be watching to see how well behaved Lady is. We have an African Grey named Oscar and he is a really smart bird and a real chatterbox. Cee Lo, I hope that you really are a bird owner and now using a stage prop.

  2. Cyndi Rhew

    That is not a true Mollucan Cockatoo, probably a specially breed and very expensive Hybrid. We own a real Mollucan (salmon crested) Cockatoo and he looks nothing like that bird Cee Lo is exploating. It's sad I know from experience that he (Cee Lo) doesn't have the experience or the time to keep a wonderful bird like that happy and content. Just anoth stage prop like the Chesire cat from last year.

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