Charlie Sheen’s Next Role: President of the United States

Charlie Sheen will soon have yet another thing in common with his father, Martin. Both will have played the role of President of the United States.

While Martin Sheen gathered critical and popular acclaim for his character of President Jed Bartlett on The West Wing, Charlie Sheen will be playing the role in the sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s grindhouse film Machete.

Rodriguez announced the news on his Twitter.

“I just cast Charlie Sheen in #machetekills as the President of the United States! Who better?” he wrote.

Sheen also informed his 7,547,306 followers on Twitter, writing, “My Fellow Americans! RT @Rodriguez just cast @CharlieSheen #machetekills as President of the United States! More soon!”

Rodriguez has tweeted that they have finished production on the movie, which once again, according to The Hollywood Reporter, stars Danny Trejo as Machete and includes Jessica Alba, Mel Gibson, Amber Heard, Sofia Vergara and Zoe Saldana.

The Hollywood Reporter also learned that the original role called for the president to be African-American with his own basketball court at the White House, but that the part has been rewritten.

The first Machete (2010) movie, which grew out of a fake trailer in Rodriguez’s 2007 Grindhouse double feature, was well received. It has a rating of 73 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. A synopsis of the film there describes the eponymous main character Machete (Trejo) as “a former Mexican Federale who plays by his own rules, and doesn’t answer to anybody.”

The new story will involve the U.S. government, drug cartels, an arms dealer and a weapon in outer space — and now, Charlie Sheen as well.