Chinese Drags Son

Chinese Father Drags Son In Crate Behind His Moped [Photo]

A Chinese man decided to bring his child along with him to run errands in a unique way this week. The Daily Mail is reporting that Chinese social networking sites have been awash with outage over the idea that a man who couldn’t figure out what to do with his son, who was obviously too small to ride on the moped with him, so he put him in a dairy crate and tied him to the back of the scooter.

The newspaper reports that the photo was snapped by an onlooker in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, in western China.

Police want to find the father and question him about this horrible and illegal way to transport a child.

In the U.S. there are people who are looking at the photo and comparing the child to the way that Mitt Romney put his dog in a kennel and then tied the kennel to the roof of his car and drove 12 hours once. When Romneytied the family dog on the roof of his car in an airtight container then drove for 12 hours to Canada, he had no idea it would come back 20 years later to piss off animal lovers around the country. The presumptive Republican nominee for President, admitted that he did it, and even more claimed that the dog really liked it.

He was confronted by a talk show host who said that in Romney’s own home state of Massachusetts the law is that you cannot (even in an airtight container) put your dog on the roof of a moving vehicle because it is considered inhumane.

Chinese Drags Son