Atlanta Jail To Inmates: Break Locks, Win Food

Melissa Stusinski

The inmates at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta could be in for a special treat–if they are able to break out of their own cells.

Chief jailer Mark Adger has been facing a huge problem–his inmates are easily able to jam the locks and open them at will. Adger states, according to WSBTV, that, “They just don’t serve the purpose anymore of security.”

Therefore, Adger has decided to spring for new locks, offering to let the inmates test them and see how well they work. The reward? Newser reports that, should the inmates be able to break free, they will be awarded with free food.

The chief jailer says that his jailers are even asking the most experienced lock beaters to test out the new locks at the Atlanta jail, according to Mercury News.

The food prize isn’t huge, listed at up to $20 worth of free commissary food or hygiene products, provided they can bust out of the new, improved locks, according to Newser. Still though, Adger says that, “We’ll get plenty of takers for what we’re offering.”

Whether it’s the challenge or the reward, one inmate, when asked why he was participating, one inmate smiled and stated, “I dunno. I just wanna try it.”

In light of the lock issue at Fulton County Jail, County Commissioner Tom Lowe has been quick to say that the problem has been blown out of proportion, according to mercury News. However, not everyone agrees. Those who believe it is a big problem are saying that the bad locks are putting inmates at risk of being attacked by other prisoners.

For the full video of Mark Adger and the lock problems at Fulton County Jail, click here.