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‘Condom Challenge’ Death Hoax? Did 17-Year-Old Emily Stone Die During ‘Condom Challenge’ Gone Wrong?

If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet lately, you’ve likely heard of the scary “condom challenge.” Merely typing “condom challenge” into Google shows suggestions such as “condom challenge death” and “condom challenge how to” and “condom challenge gone wrong” as the terms that folks are likely to ask dear Google.

The crazy craze called the “Condom Challenge” is the latest in a line of dangerous and dumb challenges, reports Yahoo Parenting, that tend to hit the web in waves. The previous challenge, called the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, found teenagers and children sucking their lips into shot glasses in an attempt to get bigger lips. As a result, some of those kids ended up with cut lips. Other crazy challenges like the “fire challenge” featured young people setting themselves afire and then jumping into a shower to rinse off the fire, but ended up leaving a portion of those who tried the challenge with dangerous burns.

The cinnamon challenge challenged people to put mouthfuls of cinnamon in their mouths, another dangerous feat that could negatively affect breathing and cause people to aspirate the cinnamon into their lungs. Now, sadly, the “condom challenge” has more than 15,000 posts tagged as such on Instagram. On Twitter, tweets about the condom challenge feature lots of videos from folks undertaking the challenge. The condom challenge is supposed to prove how strong condoms can be.

The condom challenge may have begun with a video titled “Japanese Condom Head Challenge,” as reported by Business Insider Australia. In that video, as seen below, one young man stands behind another. The guy standing has a condom full of water that he holds over the head of the seated man, like holding a water balloon atop the seated man’s head. After a few words, the guy with the balloon drops the condom full of water on the seated man’s head — and instead of immediately breaking, the condom lands on his head and covers his whole head in sort of a water globe of condom-filled liquid. Eventually, the condom breaks.

In about two weeks, the video about the condom challenge has swelled to nearly 500,000 views and has commanded a Twitter account.

Plenty of jokes about the condom challenge and videos of condom challenge fails fill the Twitter account.

However, critics claim that the condom challenge poses a potential choking hazard. It seems one site or more might be capitalizing off of those condom challenge death fears by posting articles about a teen who allegedly died during a condom challenge. Claiming to come out of Austin, the report says that a 17-year-old died from performing the condom challenge, but the article was rife with mistakes and could very well be a hoax.

“The ‘Condom Challenge’ — or #CondomChallenge, has claimed the life of 17 year-old Emily Stone who after [watching] several videos online decide to do the challenge herself. Emily and her friend Natasha Wasley decide to try this viral trend while Emily’s parents were out of town. The video that has not yet been released to the public shows the condom falls onto Emily’s head while Natasha Wasley laughed Emily Stone wasn’t laughing her lungs were being filled with a toxic mixture of lubricant and water causing her to drown within the condom.

“18 year-old Natash Wasley called 911 after she [realized] Emily was not breathing, [an] ambulance arrived at the scene with the condom full of water still around Emily Stone’s head. She was pronounced dead on the scene and it was ruled a suicide by examiners.”

A search for terms like “Condom Challenge” and “Emily Stone” and “Natash Wasley” in Google News only results in one website with an article about the supposed condom challenge deaths, so there’s no veracity to those reports. However, the danger proclaimed in such pieces about the condom challenge are real.

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