Did Jodi Arias Deserve Death? Juror Accused Of Falling In Love With Killer

Should Jodi Arias be on Death Row? According to prosecutor Juan Martinez, her life was saved thanks to the love of one of the jurors. The Daily Mail reports that Martinez is penning a book about the trial that made national headlines and the crime the Arizona woman committed. The prosecutor is reported to have information in this upcoming book that has never been addressed by media over the course of this brutal case.

Martinez says that a juror fell in love with the woman convicted of killing Travis Alexander. He alleges that the juror refused to vote for putting Arias to death, which ultimately saved her life. Now she’s serving a prison sentence of natural life, which is known to have angered numerous people who wanted justice for Travis. On social media, sentiments against Jodi Arias remain nearly a year after she evaded the death penalty.

Jodi Arias reportedly murdered Travis Alexander in an overkill type of slaying that rocked media headlines for years. The convicted murderer drove to Alexander’s home on June 4, 2008. The following day, his body was discovered by some of his friends. The man had suffered nearly 30 stab wounds and a gunshot to the head. His throat was crudely slashed, and his body was left slumped in his shower. The killer told many lies throughout the course of the investigation, even going on crime shows and declaring her innocence. Ultimately, she confessed to the horrific crime but claimed it was done in self-defense. A jury wasn’t convinced of this argument since Travis’s death was so brutal in nature.

Nearly a year later, Jodi Arias is still on the minds of folks who follow gruesome crime cases. That’s only going to intensify with the book being published by the prosecutor of her case. Meanwhile, Jodi’s own former attorney has published his own tell-all.

Kirk Nurmi writes that he was “forced” to represent the then-accused killer, according to the Huffington Post. One quote in particular, written by Nurmi, appears to sum up feelings of pure contempt for Arias.

“To fully get a visual of what Ms. Arias did to my brain you would have to find some fecal matter, throw it into the pan, add a chopped up dead rat and scramble the whole mess up. Once completely cooked this concoction would then approximate the effect that Ms. Arias would have on my brain.”

So it seems that Arias left a lasting impression on pretty much everyone who has encountered her. That evidently includes the juror who reportedly “fell in love” with her. It should be noted that at least one of the former jurors have claimed they are not in love with Arias. Meanwhile, Juan Martinez is not naming the juror who reportedly has romantic interests in the murderer. Do you think his claims hold any weight, or are they just intended to drum up interest so he can sell copies of his book? If a juror did, in fact, fall in love with Jodi Arias, would this have any effect on her escaping a death penalty sentence?

[Image via Maricopa Co. Mugshot]