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Yet. Another. Zombie Attack. Naked Floridian Bites Chunk Out Of Man’s Arm

The summer of zombies continues

A Palmetto, Florida man stormed (naked, by the way) into his his girlfriend’s house and bit a chunk of flesh out of a man’s arm, the latest in a string of strange, violent attacks. Dare I say, zombie attacks.

The so-called “Summer of Zombies” continues with the story of Charles Baker, a 26-year-old west Florida man who visited his girlfriend’s home on Wednesday night. He was supposed to be visiting his kids, but he was completely blown out of his mind on drugs and decided it would be a good idea to strip naked and bite a chunk of flesh out of a visiting man’s bicep. According to the Bradenton Herald, this all took place at about 10:15 p.m.

According to the authorities, Baker burst into his girlfriend’s apartment after she opened the door slightly and started screaming, swearing, a babbling. Jeffery Blake, 48, attempted to restrain him, but got a big chunk of man taken out of his arm. Despite being munched on pretty badly, Blake wrestled Baker to the ground and restrained him until police arrived.

When the police did arrive, Blake released Baker, who stood up but was unresponsive to the orders of the deputies. The naked Baker faces authorities, clenched his fists, tensed up, screamed, and looked as though he was going to rush the authorities, says the Daily Mail. At this point, the deputies tasered him. Twice. Then they arrested him.

The authorities said that Baker was under the influence of an unknown drug.

Slow down, though. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta recently went out of its way to announce that there is no zombie apocalypse. Yeah, the announcement was a bit tongue in cheek, but with all of the strange attacks going on lately, someone had to say something.

Still, one wonders…

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12 Responses to “Yet. Another. Zombie Attack. Naked Floridian Bites Chunk Out Of Man’s Arm”

  1. Lee Somerset

    So, the substance he was high on is unknown. He stripped himself naked just like Rudy Eugene. Isn't extreme body heat a side effect from bath salts? And he was numb to the tazer just like Rudy was to the bullets. Maybe they were both under the influence of the bath salts? Watch this video, Bath Salts – A Flesh-Eating Addiction for more info.

  2. Dusten Michael Carlson

    Just reporting what was there, Lee. But I'm with you. I think bath salts.

  3. Lee Somerset

    I just read an article yesterday about a women on bath salts in New York lunging at a policeman with the intent to bite him. I don't understand what causes them to go for someone's flesh. I also wonder if this "hunger" when high has always been a symptom but because of the Miami case, it's been thrown into the public arena.

  4. Dusten Michael Carlson

    I'm not sure. Our staff is covering the bath salts thing pretty closely, if you look at the bottom here, there's a trackback for one where a bath salts guy went for a police officer's face, and there was one featured yesterday where another man ate the family dog. What I want to know is why people keep doing it with all the crazy media coverage telling them they'll lose their bananas!

  5. Dusten Michael Carlson

    True, but that information didn't come out until several days after this article was published :)

  6. Joey Bennett


    I was thinking of throwing a zombie-themed party at my place in which half of the guests take bath salts and the other half try not to be eaten by the zombies.


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