The PMS package for girls on their periods

‘The PMS Package’ Created By Two Teenage Boys To Comfort Girls On Their Periods

PMS — that dreaded time of the month that every woman hates. You’re uncomfortable, your stomach feels like it is going to explode, you’re having cravings like you are nine months pregnant, and you simply want to crawl in a hole and sleep until this dreaded week passes. Well ladies, thanks to two teenage boys, there may be a little something to give you back your pep in your step while you are PMSing.

Ashton Onesko and Luke Buchy, both from Ohio, came up with a genius subscription-based service called “The PMS Package” to help comfort women while they are experiencing the symptoms of PMS. Not only will the packages be designed to your wants and needs, they will timed with your menstrual cycle.

“Comfort delivered to your door, right when you need it most!”

So, what made two teenagers, boys at that, come up with an idea for PMSing women? It all started with a suggestion from Buchy’s younger sister, who then took over the two entrepreneur’s social media base, growing their Twitter following from zero to 110,000 followers in just four months.

How does it work, you might ask? Well, there are three simple steps to follow to become a monthly subscriber, according to the company’s website. Check them out below.

1. Click the “subscribe” button on our home page. Choose which size package and the subscription length. Then, enter the date of which you wish the package to be delivered.

2. Our team will pack your package full of delicious treats and other beautiful items that are sure to bring comfort.

3. The PMS Package subscription will then be delivered every month on the designated date!

There are three package options for subscribers. The first package, the “Mini Package,” costs $12.99 per month and features nine items. The next option is the “Featured Package,” which costs $24.99 and comes with 14 items. The final option, the “Executive Package,” costs $34.99 and features 20 items.

“Our packages change every month,” Onesko told People Magazine. “We supply our boxes with goodies from the theme of the month or holiday. We have chocolate, lotions, candles, stuffed animals, fuzzy socks, candies and much more.”

“The PMS Package” that is currently being offered by the company is Christmas themed, featuring items ranging from fuzzy Christmas socks to candy canes. To make sure the women are getting what they want, Onesko and Buchy have a team of females to bounce their idea off of and decided what items need to be included in each package.

“We have a team of girls who bounce ideas back and forth to decide the most comforting items to put into the packages,” Onesko explained. “We also get feedback from our customers by running Twitter polls to see what they would want in the packages. We like to stick with the most comforting items, along with snacks to enjoy.”

Since Onesko and Buchy launched their business a little over four months ago, the response has been amazing, with almost nothing but positive feedback.

“The whole time we have been in business we have had nothing but positive feedback,” he added. “What girls love most about our packages is that we ship it to them when they start their period. Our whole goal of this company is based off our slogan: ‘Comfort delivered right to your door when you need it most.’ ”

What do you think about “The PMS Package?” Would you become a subscriber? Leave your comments below.

[Photo via Twitter/The PMS Package]