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Kailyn Lowry Wants Jenelle Evans To Take Nathan Back

Kailyn Lowry knows what it means to have a troubling relationship with someone. Not only does Lowry not speak with her own mother, but Kailyn also left her relationship with Jo Rivera when things got tough. These days, Lowry is married to Javi Marroquin, and they have a son together. As fans saw on Teen Mom, Lowry was close to leaving her relationship with Marroquin after he showed his insecure side.

But Kailyn Lowry decided to stick with Javi, and the two have worked out their issues. Kailyn wanted her family and her children together, so she decided to work through her marital issues, even though it was much easier to just file for divorce. And now, she wants her Teen Mom co-star to do the same, even though Jenelle Evans has clearly moved on.

According to a new Radar Online report, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she wants her co-star, Jenelle Evans, to work out her issues with ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. The two have one son together, Kaiser, and Lowry believes that they can work out their issues if they simply talk it over. But Jenelle may have no interest in working anything out with Griffith.

“My thought is that the only thing that anyone should worry about is the kids,” Lowry revealed to Radar Online about her co-star’s decision to leave so many of her relationships behind.

Jenelle Evans has two sons with two different men. She has Jace, 6, with a man named Andrew, and Kaiser, 1, with Griffith. Kailyn believes that Jenelle should work things out with Nathan, because Jace came to see him as a male role model. Nathan has spent lots of time with Jace, and feels comfortable around him. Lowry believes that Nathan needs to spend time with Jace, if he ever wants to get back together with Jenelle.

“Nathan played a pretty big role in Jace’s life and if he really wants to work it out with Jenelle, then he needs to be involved with Jace,” Kailyn told the website, adding, “She knows what works for her. Everyone has to make their own choices, good or bad, to kind of figure themselves out. And so, I think Jenelle is figuring herself out.”

Of course, Lowry is often criticized by Teen Mom fans. Kailyn has been criticized over her own actions in her marriage. She isn’t the best communicator, and many fans would argue that she hasn’t been the best wife to Javi. So, it does seem interesting that she is offering up relationship advice. And Kailyn may hint that Jenelle shouldn’t have more children, even though she is super happy with David Eason. There have been many pregnancy rumors in regards to Lowry, who might not have any plans to have another child. Instead, she’s focusing on her own children.

“I really find writing to be therapeutic for me and there are a lot of things that I can write down, and maybe I don’t think to use it right off the bat, but as I write more and more, I think, ‘Okay maybe that would be good for a book or maybe not,’ ” Kailyn Lowry explained of her book, Love Is Bubblegum, adding, “So yeah, I do think I have more books in me.”

Jenelle and Kailyn Lowry have had a rocky friendship throughout the years. Sometimes they are friends, and other times, differences of opinion get in the way — but it sounds like Lowry really wants the best for her co-star.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s advice to Jenelle?

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