Goatman Sightings: Half Man, Half Goat Reportedly Seen Across U.S.

The internet is ablaze with reported sightings of the urban legend that is Goatman, a half man/half goat creation that has popped up in literature and pop culture for over 55 years.

According to My Fox 8, the name of the beast has been appearing on a number of blogs over the last few weeks, which then provoked Goatman to start trending on Facebook.

But who/what exactly is Goatman? Well you can gather all the information that you need on the mythical creature by watching the Strange Mysteries video below.

The above video accuses Goatman of killing around 14 hikers in the early 1960s, while the video explains, “The legend has it that Goatman came from a DNA experiment done at the nearby U.S. agricultural facility by a man by the name of Stephen Fletcher, whom mixed the DNA of his assistant with that of a goat. Others say the beast is purely a production of the devil.”

According to Uproxx, this creature was originally, allegedly spotted in Maryland back in 1957 and he has since appeared in numerous stories over the following decades.

But now Movie Pilot have reported sightings of this cryptic, hybrid creature in Kentucky, Texas, and Wisconsin, over the last few years. This includes a story from the website Cult Of Weird, who describe a sighting of the Goatman in Louisville, Kentucky, where the beast is known locally as “The Pope Lick Monster.”

One sighting was described as follows, “A large humanoid creature with furry, goat-like legs, alabaster skin, wide-set eyes, and horns that protrude from greasy fur.”

Over the last few days the internet has become more and more perplexed and concerned by Goatman as stories of the mythical creature have circulated.

Author Nathan Couch also decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to remind the internet of his book that helped to start the story trending on Facebook and Twitter.

In October 2014, Cult Of Weird‘s J. Nathan Couch released his new book “Goatman: Flesh Or Folklore?”, which examines his pursuit of this seemingly mythical beast. The article also makes reference to numerous tales from the small Wisconsin town of West Bend that revolve around Goatman murdering individuals down back roads in the area.

In this book Nathan Couch writes about Goatman appearing across the United States Of America, where he has been referred to as the Beast of Billiwhack, Sheepsquatch, and the Lake Worth Monster. In his pursuit to try and prove what is fact and fiction in these myriad of stories Nate also investigates a “hoard of minor hooved horrors” that have appeared over the years.

[Image via YouTube/Strange Mysteries]