Chicago man crushes kitten's skull

Chicago Man Admits To Crushing Kitten’s Skull Because His Sister Took His Bong

A Chicago man has admitted to committing a horrifyingly violent act against an innocent animal, and his reason why is downright shocking. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 18-year-old Axel Salemi allegedly crushed a kitten’s skull with his bare hands, and it was all because his sister had taken his preferred method of smoking weed. That’s not the only bizarre detail in this case involving a young man who is already a repeat offender.

Salemi’s sister had reportedly borrowed a bong sometime earlier this month, but she refused to return it — or had not yet returned it at the time he was demanding. This apparently infuriated the 18-year-old Chicago man, because he tried to sell her television for her refusal to return the water pipe. His father would not let him sell the television, which only seemed to escalate the ongoing dispute between the siblings. That’s when he allegedly grabbed a seven-week-old kitten and used his bare hands to crush the helpless animal to death.

When Salemi was done committing this vile act of animal cruelty, he phoned his mother to tell her about what he had done — but used the incident as a leverage tool to force his sister into returning his bong. He told his mother, reportedly, that he’d “kill another one if she didn’t give back his bong.”

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Chicago man was charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty, along with criminal damage to a domesticated animal. He has admitted to his actions, telling authorities that it “was more difficult than he thought it would be.”

Another mugshot of Axel Salemi via Chicago Police Dept.
Another mugshot of Axel Salemi [Photo via Chicago Police Dept.]
This is not the first time Axel Salemi has been in criminal trouble. Back in March, he was charged with a domestic battery associated crime after he allegedly hit a woman in the face before attempting to choke her. No reports have shared who this woman was, or if the Chicago man was living in the home with his parents and sister at the time of the incident. He entered a plea deal, admitting to disorderly conduct. The other charges surrounding his case were dropped, but he was put on “court supervision,” — a form of probation — for more than a year. At the time of this most recent incident, he was still under the supervision of the courts.

The judge appointed to handle this case has expressed concern about Axel Salemi and his alleged pattern of violent behavior. The judge has commented that the young man is “starting to string together criminal offenses at a very young age.” He also noted that he possesses “anger that needs to be addressed.”

Axel Salemi public Facebook photo
Axel Salemi public Facebook photo

Some bloggers are referring to Alex Salemi as a “Neo-Nazi,” citing his public Facebook profile, which shares at least one meme depicting Nazi humor. Some of his own status updates are in German, including one on April 20, 2014, which appears to be wishing Hitler a happy birthday. No mainstream media reports are sharing this information, but social media users are sharing disgust at the idea of a presumed “Neo-Nazi” committing violent crimes against animals.

What has also been met with shock, are comments allegedly made by the Chicago man’s mother. The woman appears to have showed some kind of support for her son by having the judge lift a protective order, which was automatically placed over the entire family at the time of his arrest. However, the protective order remains active over the sister. The woman told a court worker something that has even media reporters scratching their heads.

“Thank God he killed an animal instead of another family member.”

Donna Salemi has tried to clarify this statement one time, offering the explanation that she was “just glad it was one situation over another.” Also alarming is that it’s been revealed that the Salemi family operate an animal rescue out of the home where this admitted act took place. An investigation is currently underway, and the Department of Agriculture says that the owners of the animal rescue are cooperating, and remaining operational.

[Photo: Chicago Police mugshot]