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Taylor Swift Is Considering Changing His Name [Video]

While male and employed as a photographer, this guy shares the name of a very famous person — the female pop superstar Taylor Swift. A 30-year-old Washington State resident was recently interviewed by NBC’s Today show, simply because of his name and, obviously, he gets to write her name on a regular basis.

Currently living just outside of Seattle, the similarly-named guy came into this world around five years before 25-year-old pop superstar Taylor Swift, but of course, it’s the female version that is better known. Swift says he is actually finding it hard to develop his own career in photography, due to having the same moniker as the female Taylor.

NBC asked him if he has ever considered changing his name, to which the male Taylor Swift replied, “Oh yeah. I’ve thought about it several times.”

Besides having the same name, both Taylor Swifts have blond hair and blue eyes, reportedly share the same middle initial (A), and occasionally wear beanies, but there the similarity ends.

When asked if he sings, the male Taylor Swift said not really — he does occasionally sing, but he doesn’t sing well. When asked to give it a go, Swift said, “I can’t, I can’t, I’m on the spot and I’m blushing.”

Swift did admit there are some perks to sharing a name with a pop superstar. Restaurant reservations are an absolute breeze, and he even got an invitation at one stage to become a member of a yacht club, which he said was kind of fun.

The male version went on to say that most of his mail these days comes from teenage girls, believing him to be the female and far more famous Taylor Swift. He read out one brief note, saying “I just want you to know, you’re my favorite singer.”

When asked how much mail he’s actually getting, Taylor went on to explain that what he had with him at the time of the interview was just a small collection, so he’s pretty much bombarded with fan mail on a constant basis.

There are other problems relating to sharing the famous name Taylor Swift, as he went on to say it was definitely having a bad effect on his Google searchability.

“I’m still like 10,000 pages back on a Google search.”

As a photographer with the same name as Taylor Swift, undoubtedly one of the most-searched female pop stars on the web, he said it’s pretty hard to develop any kind of a web presence for his photography business.

NBC decided to do a name search of their own, and came up with a list of more than 60 people located all over the United States with the name “Taylor Swift.” They reportedly ranged in age from 20 to 60 years, and it was unknown how many might be female or male. It does make you wonder if they are all also receiving misdirected fan mail and sharing the benefits and downfalls of the famous name.

For now, the current male Taylor Swift is apparently taking the notoriety in his stride. We see him in the video showing his driver’s license to a bunch of girls who are suitably impressed by his famous moniker. He finds that his name gives him quite a bit of star power on its own, as he poses for photos with the ladies.

Enjoy the interview with the admittedly rather hunky male Taylor Swift in the video below.

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