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Nikki Haley Vetoes Child Vaccination Bill, Calls It Taxpayer-Funded Healthcare Mandate

Nikki Haley

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley‘s office has announced that she has vetoed a Democratic sponsored bill to provide seventh-graders with a free HPV vaccine. The measure was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support according to the Lexington (S.C.) Patch.

In today’s polarized political scene it is hard to imagine any bill picking up support like this from both sides of the political isle. The measure passed with a 63-40 House vote and 40-2 Senate vote.

Haley’s office said the governor is defending her veto by saying the measure is a “precursor to another taxpayer-funded healthcare mandate,”

One of the sponsors of the bill, State Representative Bakari Sellers went on the attack against the Governor saying that Haley “puts her own selfish political ambitions ahead of the people of South Carolina.”

Seller’s office issued a statement which read,

“This bill had bipartisan support and gives optional education and preventative vaccines to adolescents in an effort to thwart cervical cancer. This is a common sense approach to a very serious problem. To call this measure unnecessary is demeaning and insulting to the heroic women who fight this cancer everyday. I am deeply disappointed that politics once again has prevailed over women’s health.”

Haley’s move carries with it an air of hypocrisy as when she was a state representative in 2007 she had co-sponsored a bill authorizing mandatory HPV vaccinations to be given to girls in the seventh grade. Haley had eventually withdrew her support for the bill because it did not include an opt out clause for parents to decline the vaccine if they didn’t want their children to have it.

The hypocritical part of the story is that Sellers’ bill did include the very opt-out clause that Haley fought for.

Even when faced with the facts Haley still maintained,

“It was a mistake then, I’ve said it’s a mistake now. Now that I have a 14-year-old daughter, it is something that is very close to my heart in terms of what I’m going to do as a parent and what I want for my child.”

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6 Responses to “Nikki Haley Vetoes Child Vaccination Bill, Calls It Taxpayer-Funded Healthcare Mandate”

  1. Ruth Moore

    What will she tell her daughter while the daughter waits for her cancer surgery? " I could have maybe prevented this but….." Hope the daughter does not have to but it would serve NH right! They did not have the vaccine when I was young which would have possible prevented my surgery.

  2. Cori Bunce

    This vaccine is to prevent HPV which "might" lead to cervical cancer. This is not a vaccine that prevents cervical cancer.

  3. Tami Cook

    I got into a heated discussion about this last weekend with a friend of mine because of course I'm not giving this vaccine to my kids. I sent her this link to listen to a podcast from my favorite health guru who also happens to be an MD. You might enjoy it too. Very interesting. 😉

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