Sherrod Brown Says White Men Responsible For Terror Attacks In America, Don’t Fear The Syrian Refugees

Sherrod Brown said “white males” are generally to blame, at least in the United States, for terror attacks committed since 9/11. Critics of the Democratic Ohio Senator quickly pointed out that the Fort Hood terror attacks and the Boston Bombing were not committed by white men.

Senator Sherrod Brown added that there are “different kinds” of terror attacks, and deemed mass shootings as terror attacks carried out on American soil, the Washington Times reports.

The comments by the Ohio Democrat come at a time when the majority of Americans, as well as FBI and CIA officials, have voiced national security and ISIS terrorism concerns about relocating Syrian refugees in the United States.

“I think most of us recognize, we’re concerned but we also know that we trust the FBI and our security forces to do this right,” Mr. Brown said during an interview with WAKR radio, BuzzFeed reported. “Since the beginning of the Bush administration when we were attacked, September 11th, we’ve not had any major terrorist attack in this country. We’ve had individual crazy people, of normally, they look more like me than they look like Middle Easterners. They are generally white males, who have shot up people in movie theaters and schools. Those are terrorist attacks, they’re just different kinds of terrorists.”

During an interview with the Huffington Post, Senator Sherrod Brown said that “southern white men in Congress showed a lack of respect” for President Barack Obama, and seemingly went to suggest that lawmakers from the South have a bias against the first biracial president of the United States. Brown also said that “it’s a matter to be expected that they [elected representatives from Southern states that are white males] will treat him that way.”

An excerpt from the “white males” commit most acts of terror in the United States speech follows.

“Individual people shouldn’t be fearful, because by and large our government, the federal government — people always talk obviously they don’t trust the feds, whatever. The federal government and local communities have done a pretty good job at keeping us safe. Not keeping us safe from crazy gunmen coming into schools and movie theaters sometimes but certainly keeping us safe from foreigners attacking this country.”

Brown went on to note that the biggest threat to the safety of Americans and national security is not Syrian refugees or Muslims, and supports allowing the resettlement of the refugees as directed by President Obama.

Senator Sherrod Brown served as the representative of Ohio’s 13th Congressional District from 1993 until 2007 before being elected to the Senate. Brown was the Ohio Secretary of State from 1983 to 1991, and served as a state representative in Ohio from 1974 until 1982.

Senator Brown was listed as one of the most liberal members of Congress by the National Journal Rankings in 2011. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Ohio Democrat is also a LGBT rights supporter. He previously voted against a law which forbade gay couples from adopting children in Washington, D.C. Although there was a multitude of opposition to passage of Obamacare and a plethora of phone calls to his office to vote against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, he voted for the controversial mandate.

What do you think about Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown’s “white males” are responsible for most of the acts of terrorism in the United States since 9/11 comments? Fort Hood was not originally deemed an act of terror by the Obama administration, angering the victims of the massacre.

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