Scheana Shay drug problem

Scheana Shay Says It’s Tough To Relive The Past: Claims Drug Problem Is Done

Scheana Shay has been watching Vanderpump Rules and she is disappointed at how things are playing out on the show. It is no secret that she is hurt by everything that has happened on the show, especially since her husband, Mike Shay, disappeared for days. But as Shay points out in a new interview, the drug scandal happened earlier this year, and she has already put this on the shelf. The two have moved on.

Scheana Shay may have watched last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, because she posted a message to her followers on Instagram. She wants people to keep their negative opinions to themselves, as they are still recovering from the damage.

“Tonight is another hard episode of #PumpRules for me to watch. If you have a negative opinion, please keep it to yourself. My marriage is the most important thing in my life and this past year hasn’t been easy. Mike Shay and I are doing AMAZING after a really tough year and all I ask is for your continued support- not judgment,” Scheana Shay revealed on Instagram.

According to a new Radar Online report, Scheana Shay is now revealing that the drug issue was actually something that happened last year. Her husband is doing much better, and she is happy that she has her husband back. Mike was going through a rough patch, where he was mixing alcohol with pills. He also left their home and didn’t speak to his wife for days.

“That [Shay’s drug problem] was already dealt with last year and done and moved on past,” Scheana told Radar Online, adding, “He was kind of in a funk and I was worried he would go back to some of his old ways. I had said something to Ariana [Madix] because she already knew what we had went through last year — then it became this kind of whole thing where that was the center focus around him and it was never my intention. It was just a comment I made and now it’s a thing.”

At the time, Scheana and Mike Shay had only been married for a few months when he started drinking more. It was something he had managed to keep from Scheana. During a vulnerable moment, Shay questioned her marriage while talking to Ariana Madix in front of the cameras. And this weak moment is something she now regrets, because she doesn’t feel this way anymore. It was merely a rough patch they worked on, and now she claims they are doing great.

“Having to film it has been the toughest part. We’re not the Kardashians. So there are a lot of issues that we’ve had to film that have just heightened them and made them a bigger deal because now it’s a public affair and not being dealt privately at home. So the hardest part is just putting it out there,” Shay reveals about her marital issues, sharing that she may have some regrets about putting everything on Vanderpump Rules.

It is quite possible that things are going much better these days, but Shay isn’t planning on rushing into anything. She isn’t planning on having kids with Shay anytime soon, as she wants to focus on their marriage and travel.

“Kids are not in my plans right now — in the future, not in the near future — maybe 3-5 years,” Shay revealed, adding, “I want to enjoy being married and travel and do all that fun stuff before we even consider it.”

Are you surprised that Scheana Shay and Mike are doing great these days? Do you think he worked through his personal issues and got clean?

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