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Leah Messer Provides Proof In Custody Battle: Will She Get Girls Back?

Leah Messer lost custody of her twin girls back in October when a judged ruled in Corey Simms’ favor. He has presented a case where he clearly showed concern for his girls. He was able to prove that Leah hasn’t been consistent in bringing the girls to school and that they were often missing important appointments. But Leah isn’t about to sit back and let the judge decide everything in her case.

Instead, Leah Messer has been fighting to get custody back. In this entire process, Messer has been called a “monster mom” and was even labeled suicidal. Many Teen Mom fans may think that she is losing herself completely, but that isn’t the case. And Leah is ready to prove the teachers wrong — the same teachers who provided documents to Corey to help him win in court.

According to a new Radar Online report, Leah Messer supposedly has proof that the girls did attend school on the days they were labeled absent. Apparently, the records had indicated that one twin was absent, while the other was at school. And after a meeting with the superintendent of the girls’ West Virginia elementary school, Leah now has a case. She proved that the girls were indeed on time almost every day during the first month of school. The school board has admitted that they were wrong. Sadly, this mistake has cost her the twins.

“Leah had all kinds of proof to shut them down,” a friend of Leah told Radar Online, which is in tune with what Messer had previously told Us Weekly, with the friend adding, “They admitted the records were inaccurate.”

Apparently, Messer brought pictures and records to the school to get them to clear up everything that was wrong. And while the teachers may have gotten something wrong, Leah doesn’t want to be labeled and judged on these mistakes. Plus, Messer does have a theory as to what has gone wrong. She blames Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson. She believes that they worked their relationships at the school to get the teachers to change the number of absences on the twins’ records.

“Leah is convinced Corey and Miranda persuaded a school employee to mark them tardy,” the same source continues, revealing that Corey does have friends in the faculty, adding, “She has a good chance of bringing this to the court. She really could get her daughters back.”

To get custody back, Leah would have to prove that the school made mistakes on the school records. And they would probably have to testify in court. This entire case started months ago, when Corey assumed that Leah was taking prescription pills. She claimed she was suffering from anxiety, and her marriage to Jeremy fell apart. Fans of Leah don’t like Miranda Patterson, so many believe that Corey only took his ex-wife to court because of her.

“Leah’s really been screwing up… so Corey took her back to court,” a source previously told Radar Online, revealing, “The judge looked at the girls’ school records, which show that they’ve been late for school, and made the change in custody.”

Now, these school records have been called into question by the school board and Messer herself. And one has to wonder if she would have lost custody if these records were correct when Corey brought her to court. It is quite possible that the judge would have ruled in her favor.

What do you think of these incorrect records? Do you think Leah Messer should have her day in court, where she proves that she did indeed get the girls to school on time?

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