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Leah Messer Custody: Did Miranda Patterson Play A Role In Custody Battle?

Leah Messer lost custody of her twin girls last month, as Corey Simms went to court to fight for primary custody. Everything leading up to this custody battle was featured on Teen Mom last season, as Leah was starting to lose herself. With three children and a husband who worked many hours away from the home, Messer was starting to lose herself in everything at home. She decided to go to treatment for anxiety.

But Leah Messer may have been shocked when Corey decided to go to court without talking things over with her. And shockingly for her, the court sided with Corey Simms. He would now be taking care of the girls during the week, which included responsibilities like taking them to school and getting Ali to her important therapy appointments. Since this happened a month ago, Messer has had plenty of time to think about what happened, and she may have a theory.

According to a new Radar Online report, Leah Messer could be thinking that Corey and Miranda Patterson planned to take over custody for a while. Rather than blaming the judge, she thinks that Miranda may have played an instrumental part in her losing custody. Apparently, Miranda and Corey have close relationships with the twins’ teachers, and Messer believes that the teachers could have faked reports.

“Leah knows that Corey and Miranda are close with the girls’ teachers, and thinks they used those friendships to their advantage,” a family insider has revealed about Leah, adding, “She believes the teachers actually faked records.”

It would probably be illegal for these teachers to fake records for the sake of one side winning a custody battle. But Messer explains that the teachers had marked Ali missing some days when Aleeah had been at school, even though they had been dropped off together. Leah believes that the mistakes made have now resulted in her losing custody. Furthermore, there are even rumors that Corey once dated one of the teachers in the West Virginia elementary school, but it is uncertain whether this is, indeed, Ali and Aleeah’s teacher.

There have been many rumors in regards to Messer’s custody drama. A few weeks ago, reports surfaced that claimed her family members were scared on her behalf. Many were worried about her health, and some called her suicidal. But it didn’t take long for Leah to set the record straight on social media and to some websites.

“Articles that are sent to me are unbelievable! I am far from being suicidal because my girls need me happy and healthy! #craziness,” Leah Messer tweeted, adding to In Touch earlier this fall according to Hollywood Life, “I think child support has a lot to do with it. When him and Miranda first met, that’s when he started the full-custody thing. It hasn’t stopped since then.”

These days, fans are wondering how Leah is doing with the third child, Adalynn. Messer had Adalynn with Jeremy Calvert, who divorced her after she started changing. He has wondered whether Messer is a capable mother, but he has yet to file anything in court. The two have shared custody as well, but Leah is the primary caretaker, since Jeremy works out of town so much. He doesn’t seem as nervous as Corey Simms in regards to his daughter, but that may change when Adalynn enters the school system. Right now, Leah seems happy with the arrangement, as she gets to see Ali and Aleeah on the weekends.

What do you think of Leah Messer’s custody drama? Do you think Corey and Miranda worked together with the teachers to make Ali more absent than Aleeah?

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