Kylie Jenner and Tyga Before Breakup

A$AP Rocky ‘Begs’ BFF Tyga Not To Give Up On Kylie Jenner

Tyga’s BFF, A$AP Rocky, really cares about Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s relationship. Hollywood Life reports that he cares about Tyga’s happiness too, and seeing his BFF suffer because of Tyga’s fight with Kylie wasn’t something A$AP Rocky was willing to let happen. The rapper “urged” Tyga to “fight for his relationship” with Kylie.

“He couldn’t bear seeing his friend hurting so badly!”

Kylie, 18, dumped Tyga on the worst possible day. It was Tyga’s 26th birthday, and Kylie refused to show up to the party. Tyga had to break the bad news to A$AP Rocky, and confided to him that the romance with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was over. As the BFF, A$AP Rocky had to take action to save the relationship. The 27-year-old rapper “couldn’t let this love die,” according to Hollywood Life.

“Tyga was really hurt that night and was trying to keep a straight face, but people there knew he was hurting inside. A$AP even told Tyga that he should fight for Kylie if he really thinks she’s the girl he wants to be with long term.”

Fans were worried about the situation though. The night after Tyga’s birthday party, on November 20, Us Weekly Magazine reported that A$AP and Kylie hung out together, first at the Nice Guy in West Hollywood where Kylie also partied with Justin Bieber. Later, the teenager left that club and headed to the Hyde Club, where she was seen leaving with A$AP in the same car. The internet blew up with rumors of a new love interest for Kylie and fans wondered how A$AP could treat his BFF that way.

One fan tweeted that it was sad how Kylie got a Ferrari from Tyga on her birthday, but Tyga got a breakup from Kylie on his birthday.

All that time with Kylie wasn’t so that A$AP could move in on Tyga’s girl. He just wanted to make things better for the couple. He was using the time to try and persuade Kylie to give Tyga another chance, and his rush to the rescue might have worked! Two days after Tyga’s birthday, Kylie posted a photo to Snapchat showing Tyga snuggling next to her, with the words, “Everyone needs to chill.”

A$AP Rocky’s advice to Tyga helped the rapper “fight tooth and nail” to regain Kylie’s trust after reports that he’d done “something huge to break her trust, and her heart.”

Kendall Jenner might not be as happy about the reconciliation as fans are. Unlike A$AP Rocky, Kendall was “over the moon” about the breakup, according to Hollywood Life, and getting ready to set up Kylie with some “new guys.” Big sis even had plans to take Kylie on some European trips to “introduce her to some male models.”

“She’s always believed that Kylie could do better than Tyga, and could have fun with someone in fashion. Kendall looks out for her little sister, and will do everything she can to make sure Kylie gets over this.”

In fact, Kendall was so upset that she wanted to “scratch Tyga’s eyes out!”

It looks like, for now, at least, A$AP’s advice to Tyga to fight for Kylie so that he can keep her, means Kylie won’t be looking for another man in her life. Kylie might not decide to stick around “for the long term,” but for the short term, all the signs say Kyga is back, and fans are happy!

Twitter user Halle Keeth said what a lot of fans were thinking. She tweeted, “I couldn’t be happier,” and added the hashtag, #Kyga.

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