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ISIS ‘WWE Survivor Series’ Threat: FBI, Triple H Say No Credible Information Of Atlanta Philips Arena Threat

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has said that although it is taking seriously rumors that surfaced online on Saturday that Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists are targeting the Philips Arena — where a WWE Survivor Series event is scheduled for Sunday — there is “no credible information of an attack.”

Sources claiming to represent the “hacktivist” group Anonymous posted online on Saturday a message that the cyberactivists have stumbled on information that Atlanta’s Philips Arena — where a WWE “Survivor Series event is scheduled for Sunday evening — is one of several in Europe and the U.S. on the hit-list of ISIS terrorists.

The message also warned that three events in Paris were “at risk” of terrorist attack on Sunday, including others in Rome, Indonesia, Italy, and Lebanon.

According to the alleged Anonymous message, “there will be big events worldwide on the 22nd, go at your own risk.”

Although Anonymous has since reportedly denied that it released the information, it raised fears and serious concerns among WWE fans looking forward to attending the event scheduled for 8 p.m. Sunday at the Philips Arena.

Many fans feared that the event would not hold as scheduled.

Soon after the rumors surfaced, FBI officials responded, saying they were aware of the “alleged threat” and that they were taking it seriously. However, the FBI said there was no “specific or credible information of an attack this time.”

According to the statement, the FBI was “aware of reports of an alleged threat that includes an Atlanta, Georgia venue and event. While we take all threats seriously, we do not have specific or credible information of an attack at this time.”

Britt Johnson, special agent in charge of FBI’s Atlanta field office, said in a statement to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the FBI has “made the proper notifications as we continue to work closely with our law enforcement and private sector partners to keep our community safe.”

The FBI official also told 11Alive that investigators were watching closely the movements and activities of certain individuals on their terror watch list.

“There’s definitely individuals in Georgia that we have cases on and that we are concerned about,” Johnson said. “Individuals who likely have been listening to the propaganda and have become self-radicalized and are showing indicators that are concerning.”

The WWE boss Triple H — Paul Michael Levesque — also released a statement on Saturday, saying that the “WWE Survivor Series is currently scheduled as planned while we investigate the matter with federal, state and local authorities.”

He also released a statement on Twitter on behalf of WWE and Philips Arena.

“Federal, state and local law enforcement authorities have confirmed there is no specific or credible information involving a threat against tomorrow’s WWE Survivor Series at Philips Arena. However, WWE and Philips Arena have coordinated with the appropriate agencies and law enforcement, and significantly increased security measures to ensure the safety of all those in attendance, which is our highest priority.”

Despite fears about safety at the WWE Survivor Series event on Sunday, some fans have said they are relying on the FBI’s statement that there are no credible threats.

A WWE fan told 11Alive, “I think here in the United States, we tend to overblow threats.”

But others expressed concern.

A fan, Hallie Mather, said, “I do take this seriously. I think if the FBI is concerned about it then it’s something we should be concerned about.”

Officials at the Philips Arena tweeted late Saturday that they will open doors to the arena at 6 p.m. on Sunday with “significantly increased security measures.”

According to the message, bags will not be allowed inside the arena.

“Doors will open at 6 p.m. to help fans avoid any delays in entering the arena due to the additional precautionary security procedures put in place. Fans are encouraged to take public transportation (MARTA) to the event and are advised that bags will not be permitted in the arena.”

According to 11Alive, a spokeswoman for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency officials said they were in contact with the FBI and state and local partners.

The Atlanta Falcons, also scheduled to play Sunday afternoon at the Georgia Dome next to the Philips Arena, said they will increase security for the game against the Colts.

Jennifer LeMaster, spokesperson for the Georgia World Congress Center, which operates the Georgia Dome, said that “in response to recent world events, fans may notice enhanced security, including increased law enforcement presence.”

The alleged Anonymous terror alarm comes after the cyberactivists announced they were launching a cyber offensive against IS as a response to the bloody Paris attacks, in which more than 100 people were killed.

Anonymous claimed later that it had successfully taken down thousands of social media accounts linked to the terrorist group.

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