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John Hancock Building Fire In Chicago On 50th Floor Put Out, 1 Person Hurt [Video]

There was a fire in the famous John Hancock Building in Chicago, wherein at least one person was hurt in the fire at the John Hancock Center, reports the Chicago Sun-Times‎. The fire that erupted in the John Hancock Building was on the 50th floor, and video footage of the fire was captured and placed online. The fire has been put out as of this writing.

Video footage of the fire in the famous John Hancock Building shows that it wasn’t a small fire, but a fire big enough to be seen and filmed from the ground as flames shot out of the window as high as the 50th floor.

The John Hancock Building is one of the most famous buildings in Chicago’s skyline, sometimes confused with the Willis Tower by tourists. The John Hancock Building fire prompted plenty of calls to Chicago police, with those living inside the John Hancock Building reporting the fire to officials. On social media, photos from the John Hancock fire are being published.

The John Hancock Center is a popular tourist spot – one that has a famous observatory deck on the top floors – ones that allow folks to see Lake Michigan and surrounding states on a clear day. It’s also the location of the famous and newly-created observation deck called “The Tilt – 360-Degrees Chicago” that allows tourists to step out onto a tilted platform to see the city below.

The fire in the John Hancock Building has been extinguished, reports CBS Local, but the Chicago Fire reported that although the fire has been put out, one person was hospitalized as a result of the fire.

The John Hancock Building is famous for appearing in the movie Poltergeist, as reported by Decider. The 1988 movie Poltergeist III featured a young girl, Carol Anne (Heather O’Rourke), who lived in the famous John Hancock Center, which houses residential and commercial properties. In the movie, the blonde actress at the center of the film could be seen in a variety of scenes, staring blankly into a TV of snow, when TV used to go off at night and wasn’t a 24 hour deal. While that movie and crew were plagued with bad things happening, the film itself showed some of the beauty of the John Hancock Building, with Carol Anne, sitting in a big window seeing the lovely vista of Chicago from the building. The huge, Olympic-sized swimming pool was also featured in the movie from the John Hancock building.

The John Hancock Building also houses plenty of tourist-attracting venues all throughout the building. At the base of the John Hancock Center are shops and eateries, including a Cheesecake Factory location that is generally pretty busy. There’s also a Best Buy store on the lower floors of the building. Situated directed across from the Water Tower shopping center on the famous Magnificent Mile shopping street that is Michigan Avenue, the John Hancock Building is at the heart of downtown Chicago.

As can be seen in the above video of the fire inside the John Hancock Building, snowflakes swirl around the downtown Chicago location, and the sound of the fire department sirens can be heard in the background as the fire swells.

As reported by the Chicago Sun Times, the John Hancock Building fire was brought under control by firefighters by approximately 3:15 p.m. local time. The Chicago Fire Department was able to extinguish hot spots from the fire inside the John Hancock Building and ventilate the building as well. The CFD spokesperson, Larry Langford, informed the public about the measures the firefighters took to make sure everyone inside the John Hancock Building was okay after the fire.

“A second alarm was called to bring in extra crews to help with floor-by-floor well-being checks.”

[Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images]