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Cat serial killer stalks Miami


At least two dozen Floridian cats are believed to be victims of a sadistic cat-killer in the Miami area.

Residents of the Miami-Dade area have been advised in a recent press release by Palmetto Bay Mayor Eugene Flinn to exercise caution with their beloved feline companions.

“Residents should keep their cats inside their homes until it has been determined who or what has caused these deaths and there is no longer a threat to the feline population of the village.”

Theories regarding the nature of the killings are mixed. Some residents and local law enforcement officials blame other animals, citing reports of a roving pitbull. Other officers investigating believe a human is responsible for at least some of the killings. Further alarming residents and the law alike is the preponderance of serial killers of humans cutting their teeth on watching animals suffer and die. Jeffrey Dahmer is known to have trapped, tortured and killed animals as a child before graduating to hunting his fellow humans.

A resident described her horror upon finding her family pet murdered to a Tampa Bay Fox affiliate:

“We come outside, and we find Sarah lying on the ground over here…at which point, we just assumed that she was hit by a vehicle. Half of her face was missing,” Alicia Glazer said. “There was no blood anywhere. So we are dealing with someone that is methodical, calculating, knows exactly what he or she is doing.”

Yesterday was by far the deadliest for Miami cats, seeing five cats murdered, mutilated and left in their owner’s yards.

The reward for information leading to the person or persons responsible in the case has climbed to $15,000, and anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.

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7 Responses to “Cat serial killer stalks Miami”

  1. Tiena Ellis

    Absolutely discusting. I hope this person is found, tried hung for what they have done. My condolances to the families who have lost their beloved cats to this maniac.

  2. William

    Why are we so surprized!, I really admire these people , Let's face it , a kitten is beautiful when little but they do get old and people who have them just let them go out and wonder off, then they forget to feed them, and eventually they become a sociaty problem, they go beyond their owners property line and create problems on other property line who don't even have cats, I obviously do not own cats, I HATE THEM, they shit smelly poop on my pool deck, kill my plants, and procreate under my gazebo, not to mention scratch the paint on my car, NOWlets look at this issue, we should really fine the OWNERS of these irritating animals, we should have LAWS that can protect a citizen from haveing to deal with these irritating animals, Non pet owners should be able to SUE owners of loose animals for these damages to property, what these so called sickos are doing is the end results of the last straw, people do get sick of this, I hope to GOD that South Florida instead of fineing these people they actually give them the MONEY for just being blunt, FOLKS if you own cats KEEP THEM INSIDE, they are your's, not ours, we are sick and tired of dealing with stray animals, we are sick and tired of seeing people walk their dogs and crapping in our front yard, my dogs do not even go outside because i want to respect my neighbors property, they do not have animal, why should i impose on them my animals, God Bless these KILLERS, It is about friken time somebody did something, Cat lovers, Love your animal, Spay them, Keep them in your property and protect them, But do not assume we all love them as you do, Respect Others.

  3. Blanqui

    William i think u deserve everything that happends to you!!! because u are an asshole!!!

  4. Guest

    William, you are a complete ASSHOLE, you are probably the damned serial killer. What about children, should we skin them and toss them into a fucking yard when they play in your DAMNED flower bed!??!?! SICK FUCK, you are probably a murderer or DAMNED pedophile. GOD, if I knew who you were I would slap the shit out of you. UGH! >.< You like to rant about how wonderful it is that the cats are dying, I have both a cat and a dog. They are buddies, and it makes me sick to think you dont like cats beacuse their SHIT STINKS, ooooo I bet you smell wonderful you stupid FUCK. You keep your dogs inside at all times, so you clean up their SHIT just like you would a cats!??!? You are a FUCKING moron, MY GOD!!!!!! Dogs and cats are one in the same, pets, fuzzy creatures. Sweet, loving and in need of training. I really dont like you, so I am going to go and vent else where, Lordie. I am so pissed. I have never seen someone so asinine!

  5. Cheryl Harpel

    When they find the son of a bitch that's doing this, they need to just beat him to death, causing as much pain as they possibly can. I would be extremely happy to volunteer to castrate him with a dull object.

  6. Sheryl Matzdorff

    This is probably being done by someone who doesn't like the cats running around outside. You know, some miserable old SOB, that hates everyone and everything. Look for the person who yells at people he thinks wronged him.

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