Cat serial killer stalks Miami

At least two dozen Floridian cats are believed to be victims of a sadistic cat-killer in the Miami area.

Residents of the Miami-Dade area have been advised in a recent press release by Palmetto Bay Mayor Eugene Flinn to exercise caution with their beloved feline companions.

“Residents should keep their cats inside their homes until it has been determined who or what has caused these deaths and there is no longer a threat to the feline population of the village.”

Theories regarding the nature of the killings are mixed. Some residents and local law enforcement officials blame other animals, citing reports of a roving pitbull. Other officers investigating believe a human is responsible for at least some of the killings. Further alarming residents and the law alike is the preponderance of serial killers of humans cutting their teeth on watching animals suffer and die. Jeffrey Dahmer is known to have trapped, tortured and killed animals as a child before graduating to hunting his fellow humans.

A resident described her horror upon finding her family pet murdered to a Tampa Bay Fox affiliate:

“We come outside, and we find Sarah lying on the ground over here…at which point, we just assumed that she was hit by a vehicle. Half of her face was missing,” Alicia Glazer said. “There was no blood anywhere. So we are dealing with someone that is methodical, calculating, knows exactly what he or she is doing.”

Yesterday was by far the deadliest for Miami cats, seeing five cats murdered, mutilated and left in their owner’s yards.

The reward for information leading to the person or persons responsible in the case has climbed to $15,000, and anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.