Gabbi Doolin Murder Suspect Arrested — Is He Innocent?

Who killed Gabbi Doolin? Authorities with the Kentucky State Police believe they have that answer, and they’ve arrested their number one suspect in the slaying of the 7-year-old girl. Fox News 17 reports that authorities have arrested 38-year-old Timmy Madden and have charged him with a handful of charges, which paint a gruesome and heartbreaking portrait of the murdered child’s last moments alive.

The 38-year-old Kentucky man has been charged with kidnapping, rape, sodomy, and murder. However, the man denies the charges against him, and even gave a comment to a reporter who asked him if he had anything to say about the crimes he is accused of committing.

“I’m innocent.”

The Heavy writes that the accused killer of Gabbi Doolin is a father himself, with five children shared with his wife Jodi. He’s also been described in a manner so as to indicate that people consider him to be a good man. He has reportedly been a good husband to his wife, and has stuck by her side in the face of medical disaster. She has reportedly suffered at least three strokes since August of this year.

Authorities with the KSP have not revealed what kind of evidence they have against Timmy Madden, nor have they released information regarding the 7-year-old child’s cause of death. The charges they have laid against the man’s arrest, however, indicate that the child was violently sexually assaulted before she was killed. The charges of rape and sodomy indicate that she was raped in multiple ways over the course of her disappearance. While reports confirm that searches for her lasted 25 minutes, it is not entirely confirmed on how long she had been missing by the time her mother noticed.

Seven-year-old Gabbi Doolin went missing on November 15 while she was with her mother at a little league game in Allen County, Kentucky. The search for the little girl was brief, however. Her lifeless body was discovered in a creek, which was located in a wooded area behind the school where the little league game was taking place. From the time her mother reported her missing to the discovery of her body, only approximately 25 minutes had passed. Within days of the discovery of Gabbi’s body, authorities announced that her death was a homicide.

The death of Gabbi Doolin was a completely tragic end to the search for the missing child. However, if authorities are right about their suspect, justice may be served for the 7-year-old girl’s family. On the other hand, the suspect has not only declared that he’s innocent to reporters, but he’s also commented directly on the Doolin family.

“I’m sorry for their loss, but it wasn’t me.”

Do you think Kentucky State Police authorities have the right suspect in the homicide of Gabbi Doolin, or do you think the man’s arrest has been made in error? People on social media have reacted in horror at the charges pending against Timmy Madden, and few — if any — sentiments appear to be in favor of believing he is innocent.

[Photo: Allen County Jail mugshot]