Ronda Rousey Medical Suspension: How Much Time Will The UFC Star Miss? Will There Be A Rematch WIth Holly Holm? [Video]

Ronda Rousey Medical Suspension: How Much Time Will The UFC Star Miss? Will There Be A Rematch With Holly Holm? [Video]

Following the historic UFC fight that Holly Holm won, Ronda Rousey was placed on a medical suspension from UFC for six months. Rousey can come off the medical suspension before the six-month period if she is cleared by a doctor and has a clean CT scan. Until then, Ronda is to have no contact for 45 days and cannot be in any type of fight for at least 60 days. Rousey is not the only fighter from UFC 193 to be placed on a medical suspension. The full list of fighters who received a medical suspension can be found here.

Not much information has come out in regards to the injuries sustained by Ronda in her fight against Holms. After the Rousey’s second-round knockout, Rousey was taken to a hospital in Australia where doctors tended to her wounds. The only injury information that has been made public about Ronda came from UFC President Dana White. White states that Rousey does not have a head injury, but there is significant damage to Ronda’s face. It has been claimed that doctors are saying that Rousey may need plastic surgery to repair the damage to her face. Ronda returned to the United States on Tuesday but was completely covered up. Ronda made it impossible for any pictures to be taken of her by covering her face with a pillow.

No matter the outcome of the fight between Rousey and Holm, Rousey had planned on taken some time off from the octagon. The fact that Ronda was planning to take time off, and was the champion, led some to speculate that the fight with Holm was set up for Rousey to lose the title to Holm. If Ronda had beat Holm and retained her championship, then UFC would have been without one of their champions during the period that Rousey was going to be taking off. It is thought that the UFC would not have wanted to be without one of their champions, and the belt was put on Holm to prevent that.

The reason that Ronda Rousey was going to be taking time off was that she will be exploring a side career as a movie star. Rousey has been cast in a remake of the film Road House. The original version of Road House starred Patrick Swayze.

The six-month medical suspension that has been placed on Rousey will give her the time she needs to star in Road House and get herself ready physically and mentally to return to UFC. Dana White believes that Rousey will make an incredible comeback when she steps back into the octagon.

Even though it has only been a little over a week since UFC 193, a rematch between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm is already being talked about. The rematch, if it takes place, will likely not come until the middle of next year at the earliest. Holm may not even be the champion by the time Ronda is ready to fight her again. Would Ronda fight Holm if she was not the champ or would she just focus on fighting whoever has the championship?

Holly Holm has come out and commented on Rousey and her medical suspension.

“She’s been pretty vocal in her career, so I think it’s easier for people to want to pick at things… I think she’s strong enough. She can handle that, but I hope people don’t get too brutal with it.”

Do you think Ronda Rousey’s medical suspension will last the full six months or will she be cleared before then?

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