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Joey and Rory Update: Joey Feek Spends Time In Hospital, Hospice Arranged

Joey Feek of the hit group Joey + Rory is still dealing with a huge battle with cancer. Her husband, Rory, is doing a great job of keeping fans updated on how Joey is doing now. Rory went to their blog, This Life I Live, this morning to share an update about how Joey is doing and how they had to spend the last few days in the hospital.

Rory explained that everyone has been praying for Joey Feek, and their prayers have been answered. Even though it is not what they hoped for, Joey was able to get some relief. Here is part of what Rory explained about how Joey was doing.

“At 4 am on Friday morning we rushed Joey to the hospital in Muncie. Her pain had become too much to bare. A few hours later the doctors told us that the pain was from the cancer tumors continuing to grow and become inflamed and we need to concentrate now on helping her be comfortable. Not the answer we hoped for… but the answer He has given us.”

Rory explained that they were able to get Joey some relief, which is huge. Several medications would not work for her, but they gave Joey some morphine, and she finally got a bit of relief. Rory and Joey spent the night at the hospital last night, but today Joey Feek will get to go back home. Rory shared that he has been taking their daughter Indiana up there to see her mom every day. He shared that Joey and Indiana’s eyes both light up when they see each other.

“Yesterday I sat her down in front of her mama and they smiled and played and loved each other the way that only mamas and their little ones can. Afterwards, when Indy got sleepy, Joey held her and sang “In The Garden” and other hymns as she softly stroked her silky-blonde hair.”

it's all about love.

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Knowing that Joey Feek might not be around for her little girl forever, Joey read into a few recordable books that were gifts they received. This will mean that Joey’s daughter can forever hear her mom’s voice even when she is gone. This is a great gift for little Indiana.

Now Rory is sharing that Joey Feek is headed home, of course, once again to live and not to die, but they know things are not going well. They have hospice arranged, and a hospital bed will be delivered to the home for Joey Feek to rest in while she is there. Rory went on to say “Joey is at peace with where she is and where she’s going. So am I. An answer to prayer.”

..this was taken at one of our last concerts. Love is a powerful thing to pray for.

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They have also set up a play area near Joey’s bed so that Indiana can watch her mom and Joey can watch her little girl. They will be side by side through the rest of her days. WKRN shared recently that hundreds attended a candlelight vigil to pray for Joey Feek. They are praying for “a miracle and peace with His decision.” In Joey Feek’s hometown, people have known her for her entire life and nobody has a negative thing to say about Joey Feek.

At this time, Joey and Rory should be headed back home from the hospital soon. They will be spending her last days at home near her daughter and just enjoying each other. Luckily, Joey has been able to get some relief from the pain. This is going to be a hard time for the family, but Rory is keeping fans updated on how she is doing. Joey + Rory will always live on in their amazing music and the eyes of their gorgeous little girl Indiana.

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